Happy New Year!

2014 has been a wonderful year. Here is wishing everyone a prosperous and happy 2015!

Do I have resolutions? Of course!

I resolve that in 2015 I am....

.. going to focus on my family
Not that I don't know but I sometimes feel we have so many priorities that I feel our family time becomes strained. I want to make sure my focus is on my family in all that I do.

..  working on my marriage
Marriage is work. Sometimes it's easy and other times it's not. It's been easy, but I don't want us to fall into a rut.

.. going to continue working on my health
Because I want to live.

.. going to grow
In every way possible.

So... enjoy the remaining time in 2014 (if you haven't already rang in the new year) and see you next year!

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Tonight is our annual Young Women in Excellence program where we get to recognize our wonderful young women and all the things they've accomplished this year. The Stake recently announced that they will stop doing the Young Women recognition ceremonies, which I like, because now we get to recognize our girl's in our ward and by their own leaders instead of Stake leaders. Not that it wasn't nice, but I feel like this is much more personal.

It's a special celebration tonight for myself as well, I'll be earning bookmark ribbons for personal progress along with some of the girls. Granted I'm at least 20 years older than most of them, but hey, it's never too late I suppose.

I've been involved in the Young Women program for about a year and a half. It's very time consuming and it can be really stressful sometimes. But frankly, it's totally worth it. I feel like I've managed to connect somehow with each of our girls in some way and I really like that. Each one of them is unique and it's so interesting getting to know them.

During this time I've also been actively involved in personal progress and at this rate, I'll be completing my own personal progress program by the end of the year. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be involved and to be able to participate. It really has been a blessing in so many ways.

If there were one thing that I could leave with the girls, it would be that they are loved. By me, by all the leaders, by the Bishopric, by their family and friends. But most importantly, by their Heavenly Father. 

And on another excellent note, yesterday my kid rode his bike for the first time with no training wheels. He told me now that he did that, he's a man. I told him he has to kill a bear and grow a beard before he can be a man, because until then, and even after then, he'll be my little boy.

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So every time I think about the gym, that song I'm Sexy And I Know It, pops into my head. Instantly. While I'm not a newbie to working out, I am apparently a newbie to weight lifting and body building - a big newb. But hey, we all gotta start somewhere. 
My goals?
Lose weight. Gain muscle. Get strong. Isn't that everyone's goals?
I don't really know what I'm in this for, other than I really want to be stronger than I am. I want to be more fit than I am and I want to be a better version of me (physically, because mentally, I'm just 100% awesome).

So, I might as well start this out by humiliating myself.
My stats...
I'm currently 166 lbs at 5 foot 4 inches tall. My body fat % is probably astronomical, and I plan to track that as well, I just haven't yet. 

My plan...
I have  a 12 week workout plan set up right now, to start.

Upper Body A
  • Bench Press                       3 X 8-12
  • Bent over Row                    3 X 8-12
  • DB Should Press               3 X 8-12
  • Lying Triceps Extension   3 X 8-12
  • Barbell or DB Curl              3 X 8-12

Lower Body A
  • Squat                           3 X 8-12
  • Dead lift                       3 X 8-12
  • Leg Extension            3 X 8-12
  • Leg Curl                      3 X 8-12
  • StandingCalf Raise  3 X 8-12
  • Lying
    Leg Raise                  3 X 10-15
  • Crunches                   3 X 10-15

Upper Body B
  • Dips                                       3 X 8-12
  • Pull ups                                 3 X 8-12
  • DB Side Lateral                   3 X 8-12
  • Tricep Cable Pressdown  3 X 8-12 
  • Cable Curl                          3 X 8-12 

Lower Body B    
  • Deadlift                              3 X 8-12
  • Leg Press                         3 X 8-12
  • Lunges                              3 X 8-12
  • Seated Calf Raise           3 X 8-12
  • DB Shrugs                        3 X 8-12
  • Incline Crunch              3 X 10-15
  • BackExtension             3 X 10-15 

Monday went as planned, the only problem was I couldn't get a bench to do my Bench Presses at, so I grabbed a free bench by the dumbbells and did dumbbell presses.
My weight on Monday or upper body was really just 10 lbs, except for my barbell curl, I did 20lbs. I wanted to see where I was at. I need to really up my weight on the bent over rows to 20 or 30 lbs.
Tuesday I worked out at home with my favorite coach, my husband. We subbed Walking Lunges for the Leg Extensions and Leg Curls - and frankly after that I was done
My weight on Tuesday for lower body was basically 65lbs for everything except for the walking lunges (10lbs) and calf raises (25lbs).
So this morning I went on the bodybuilding.com forums and were reading some posts about the average novice weight for dead lifts....  135lbs. WHAT?

Ok, I have SO much work to do. 

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7.14.2014 |

I don't typically shy away from change. In fact, growing up in the military has taught me to deal pretty well with change and in my career I've found change to be a good thing.

So about a year ago I was called into the Young Women's presidency in our ward at church. I was the 2nd Counselor and I served with some really fun and amazing women. It's probably been one of the most rewarding callings I've ever had (out of the whole 2 of them I've held). Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of work and it was incredibly time consuming but completely worth it.

This was my first time in any type of presidency role so I was learning a lot new things, like how presidencies worked, how Young Women worked, how to teach lessons, how to plan for multiple events at one time among a lot of other things - administratively speaking.

It also helped me grow tremendously spiritually. As I got to know more and more about these wonderful Young Women that I was serving, it did two important things. It reminded me of how much I needed when I was a teen and it gave me hope that I could help maybe even one girl through a struggle. And secondly, it made me pray, a lot. I prayed for these girls and for our presidency so often, just begging to know how we could serve them in the way they needed. I've never prayed so much in my entire life.

So, a few weeks ago, our presidency was released because our Young Women's President moved out west. Although I knew that the standard protocol was that when the President leaves, you have to replace the
entire presidency, it was still such an awful thought. I loved all the women I was serving with. Then the fear came to mind, what if I didn't get called back into Young Women? So the day came where I met with one of the Bishopric members and he told me that I was being released from Young Women, just as I knew I would be, and then he mentions that they would like to offer another calling to me. So the first thing that starts happening in my head is I start rattling through all the different places I could be called, and I start sweating and I smile and I try not to look terrified. And then he asks if I would be interested in being the 1st Counselor for the Young Women's program! And I immediately said "yes" and immediately my fear was replaced with questions. Who would be the President? Who would be the 2nd Counselor?

My questions were answered a little bit later in Sacrament meeting when we were all announced. And as soon as I found out who the new President and 2nd Counselor were, I was immediately thrilled, and completely intimidated, but excited! And then I was sad as well, I knew this was change. But change happens. And I'm rolling with it.

So here I am, a few weeks into our new Presidency and honestly, I feel like it works so well. It's different and that's not a bad thing.. it's just different. I like how we were before and I like how we are now. But the one thing that isn't different are the girls. And that's what I love.

I'm so grateful to be able to serve in my Church. I'm so grateful for the people who are here mentoring me and teaching me so much. I love the girls that I serve, they are amazing. I see their different personalities and how alike and different they are and I love them each for being exactly who they are. I love the ones that are there every Sunday - our rocks. I love the ones who straggle and struggle - because I know their fight. I just pray that I'm doing good work for them.

I love this journey.

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Summah Time

6.09.2014 |

Summer is here... so much to do...

So I just wanted to share one of my fastest growing pinterest boards.

Follow Jonna's board LDS on Pinterest.

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#GoVoxBox Fun!

6.02.2014 |

The other day I told you all about my love for the Fit N Fresh Shake I received in my #GoVoxBox from Influenster.

Well let me just show you what all came in this box of awesomeness....

I'm not going to lie, this is probably my favorite #VoxBox I've received to date. Don't you want one, too? If you do.. head over to Influenster and get started so you can get boxes of fun stuff too!

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Ok, ya'll. If you haven't noticed I took a vacation from blogging and frankly, so consider this a comeback! As most of you know I'm a member of Influenster.com and what that means is, I get sent boxes of things to try out and then give my honest opinion on them. Shoot... ain't nothing better than getting something for free and then getting to talk about it!

So, in my latest #GoVoxBox I received a TON of stuff. But for right now I want to point you to one item in particular - the Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake - that I have fallen in love with, and apparently I'm not the only one. Ok, let me get something out of the way... I was sent this box with free samples in return for my honest opinion. Just because I get stuff for free doesn't always mean I like it. However, in this case, I do.

Here's the deal.. I'm not really one to tell anyone to do a meal replacement plan for weight loss, because frankly I just feel that stuff like that is just not maintainable. I feel like you'll do the shakes, lose some weight, but then as soon as you stop the shakes (or whatever the meal replacement is) then you'll probably put weight back on. However, this is a little different as because the Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake actually has almost the same nutritional values as all of my other protein shakes, so if you're going to replace a meal with a protein shake, then you might as well try out this brand.

What I like about this the most is that, even with it being mixed with water, it's actually filling! I'm the type of person who hates substituting shakes and stuff for food because I always seem to get hungry like 10 seconds after I finish the shake... and then waiting 3 hours to eat again while my stomach growls and gurgles. Not fun. So, when I received 3 samples of the Fit N Full shakes (chocolate, vanilla and fresh berries) I was a little scared that I'd have the same results. I didn't. Yay! I was actually full. Not side splitting full or anything like that but I definitely wasn't having to camouflage my stomach growls with coughs during my morning meetings!

I really liked the vanilla and chocolate. I hated the fresh berries. I don't know, I'm just not a berry flavor kinda gal when it comes to protein shakes or any type of supplements. After I finished my 3 samples I received, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and used my $5 coupon that I also received and I bought a tub of the French Vanilla flavor. It's a little more pricey than the typical WalMart brand protein but there are some notable differences. This is more of an isolate protein than the typical whey protein you find in the Walmart and Target aisles. Long and short of that means that it's a more pure protein, lower in carbs and fat, and usually is better digested by those with lactose intolerance.

Ok, enough of the protein talk because frankly, I'm an amateur when it comes to the real science behind it all. What I do know, I've lost 4 pounds by replacing my breakfast with a Fit N Full shake and I'm digging the taste and results and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a lot of the other shake/meal replacment plans out there... that's why I wanted to share.

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