Yes, I have nothing better to blog about.

The Shat....
I hear Star Trek is making a come back and that The Shat was not asked to come back.
Um, wasn't he killed off, why would he come back?

Survivor Lies...
Denise "The Lunch Lady" lied. She took the janitorial position before even leaving for Survivor according to because it paid more.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, good for you, you have a life.

Just bought myself a Christmas present, er I mean, my husband just bought me a Christmas present he just doesn't know it yet.
SanDisk Sansa e260 4GB media player from woot for $49.99.
Yes, it's a refurb. Do I care? Not at that price.
So, Zune and iPod, please take a seat. I'll see how this works out.
Tis the season to be dancing around in my pj's with my new mp3/video/radio player!

So the weekend before last I was out at the football field with ole' hubby. This is usually a common occurrence for me, as I'm becoming quite football savvy. Granted, I've long been a fan but I'm getting quite good at seeing good and bad routes and analyzing my hubby's team while they play. I don't just go because I'm the League Commissioner's wife. Although it's a cool title, he gets nothing but guys whinning at him and the headaches of sorting out schedules. I am in fact a football fan. Yes, I went to my high school football games to watch the game! (okay, between making out under the bleachers) But still.

Derailed, sorry.

Anyway, the other weekend we were out on the field and one of the games just finished up and we were all hanging around talking while the next game got under way. We were talking about comedians and I mentioned that I really liked the guy who does the voice of Steve Madden.

Whoops. Where in the HELL did Steve come from? Of course, I got razzed the entire afternoon for my slip up.

Yes, I know it's John Madden. I knew it a split second after Steve came out of my mouth.
Why did I say it? I think I have the answer.

Because subconsciously I was thinking of shoes. I knew I was a girl's girl.

So, um.. all you FFPA guys out there that made fun of me that day. Yeah, well, I may have goofed on a stupid name but at least I didn't screw up running a curl route or forget how to play zone!

I've recently found twitter.

I love it.
See how it starts to affect your sentences?
Making sure you convey your point in 140 characters or less.

Anyway, I'm on the hunt for a super-awesome-great twitter client.

Right now it's the battle royale between tweetr and snitter.

God, as if I needed anything else to make me internet-insane.

After going around to a few places last week and trying to find something we both really liked, last night Chris & I found the new couch and recliners we want.

This is the couch, it's a microfiber but it really looks like almost a seal skin texture. In all honestly, it's very much like the current sofa and love seat we currently have, except a much nicer material and color.

I think this is the chairs we got. I can't say for certain because after looking for the picture now (without any references) I can't remember. All I know is that the chairs are a really nice chocolate leather to contrast the couch. I'm almost sad because I'm positive I'll rarely get to sit in one of these babies and I'm sure my husband and father-in-law will state claim.

We're now looking into replacing our entertainment center, which we found something we really liked last week, so we're going to go back and look at it again. After that, I'll be looking into new side tables, possibly a coffee table (although frankly we've found that we rarely use one), an accent rug and some new artwork.

Oh by the way, did I mention we're redoing our living room? No? Yeah, it was kind of a surprise to me too.


11.17.2007 |

Working on Saturdays in jeans, sweatshirts, baseball hats and tennis shoes aren't all that it's chalked up to be.

I still had to get up at 6, be in at 7 and regardless of my attire, I'm still freakin' working.

Friday is here at last. Not sure why I'm happy as I will be working a full (if not longer) day tomorrow. But still, today is Friday!

Also, I made a poor shoe choice today. Although these boots look incredibly cute with my outfit (think cowboy/snow bunny), I could have pulled it off with my sneakers and been much more comfortable. I rationalized my boots with 1)it's much more cute 2)They are winter boots so I only have a few months of the year to wear them (2 if I'm lucky here in SC) and 3)I haven't worn them in ages.
I'm debating getting rid of these boots entirely and investing in a pair of shoes that I can wear more often, with more outfits and be more comfortable. And yes, of course there are boot pictures.

Weekend plans? Not really. Chris gets home from his training Atlanta tonight, I plan on trying out a new Rainbow Roasted Pepper Soup recipe on Saturday after coming in and working on our new web applications server. Sunday is football and house junk. Whee!
Where is my tiara, it's time to transform into domestic princess again.

This morning my husband heads off to watch the Panthers vs the Falcons in complimentary box seats, so what do I do? Go shopping! Unfortunatly, it wasn't at Macy's, it was just a run to WalMart. I get my pillows and mascara and other random oddities you can't pass up while walking the aisles and as I head back to my car I decided I needed to make a trip to Target. Because, honestly I love Target and I was sans-child so I was really just ready to browse totally unnecessary things and see what holiday stuff was up.

I hop in my car, drive across town (5 miles, about a 10 minutes drive) to Target and reach for my purse, which is normally stashed in my passenger seat. Which is not there. I run to the back of my car because I might have absent-mindedly tossed it in the trunk with the rest of my bags, but it's not there either. I preceed to freak out. Big time. I realized I must have left my purse in my shopping cart while unloading bags and somehow forgotten it when returning my cart to the cart-caralle. And then it really hits me. I have almost $4000.00 (yes, thousand) worth of Euros in my wallet that I was supposed to get exchanged and deposited into our account on Friday, but never did.

So, I did what any normal person would. Haul ass back to WalMart. Only, I didn't make it. I made it half way back before getting pulled over by the local police for going 80 in a 45. I pulled over immedietly, and as I was already in tears, I somehow rambled out, "please, I'll pay whatever the fine, but could you follow me to WalMart where I've left my purse in the cart with almost $4000 in my wallet". The cop followed me and we went to the WalMart customer service desk and I identified my purse. The first thing I do after they turn my purse back over is to check my wallet. Everything is there. Money, credit cards, lip balm. Ok. Whew, crisses averted.

Oh wait, I still had this cop here because well, I was totally speeding. So, as we leave WalMart, I thank him and I tell him again that I am willing to pay whatever fine there is, as I haven't had a ticket in probably 10 years and frankly to know that I got that lump of money back makes whatever I owe, worth it. Then he does something I would have never expected. Ever. He tells me "well, what do you say if I give you a seat belt ticket and a warning for the speeding, because if I were in your position, I'd be speeding, too". I'm floored, and I thank him profusely and I ask him where would I go pay this, because if it was in spartanburg county, he says I can just mail it in and I'm like, "but I work at the county so I can easily just go an pay it" and the officer just starts laughing, saying something like "this just keeps getting better". Then he turns to me and says, "how about this, how about I take your license for a second and I'll give you a warning and we'll call it done and over.

Holy schnikeys.

I managed to not only recover my $4K, reduce my 80mph in a 40mph to a $25 seatbelt ticket, but then turn around and reduce THAT to a warning.

That's it, I'm going out in torn up jeans, t-shirts and Georgia bulldog hats more often, because if it wasn't the outfit.. well hell, I don't know what it was.

At least this Friday in my office! What's better than being able to wear your favorite boots, your favorite jeans, a good cup of coffee and Work It, Mom! blogs!
Besides not having to work and being able to do above mentioned at home, in your pajamas.
But since I choose to reside in a house with electricity and running water, I suppose I need to make an income and well, honestly after the week I've had I deserve to kick my feet up.

Life goes on...
Last night Chris & I went out for a date night. Texas Roadhouse and bowling. Except we never got around to bowling. It was a nice break and nice to get out with just him. I miss having his full attention sometimes and I think he was feeling a little of the same.
We spent the entire day before our date night out and about shopping. We bought almost all of Nikkos' Christmas gifts and then walked the mall to let Exenie get some shopping in. It was fun, except Nikkos was going nuts int he mall and really just wanted to run wild through the stores.
This morning, as I'm typing this actually, Chris is in the kitchen making muffins and sausage. I've got a great cup of coffee and Nikkos is zoning out into Noggin - life is good.

Do a Good Deed!

10.25.2007 |

Vote for Kimberly Klien

Here's a quick summary of who she is:
She has one kid.
Went back to law school.
Started a blog.
Diagnosed with breast cancer.
Nearly done with treatments, lost hair and is down to 5 eyelashes.
Blog nominated for $10,000 law scholarship.
Could totally use the money.
(Thanks to Jen Lancaster for bringing this to so many people's attention!)

I just found out this afternoon that Kiran Chetry is with CNN now. I like her. I don't care who she works for. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, I just don't watch anymore. But when I did watch, she was one of the anchors I liked.

Waking up at 7:21 this morning was like a little part of a dream come true.

Because there is one thing I've learned about having a toddler and that is your time is no longer your own so cherish the moments that you get to do something you'd like to do, even if it means just sleeping in for an hour and a half.

Now if this were a real dream come true, I would have woken up without bloodshot, gummy eyes and coffee would have already been made with a steaming cup waiting for me on my back deck next to my book and a super comfy, warm blanket to keep me warm on this chilly morning.

But here I sit, typing away on my couch with The Upside Down Show on in the background, waiting for coffee to brew.Ah, the joys of parenthood.

My weekend vacation to Gatlinburg, TN went really well. This is a really bad shot of a beautiful view that I woke up to each morning in my cabin.

I've learned 3 things while in Gatlinburg. Ready?

1. Gatlinburg is the Myrtle Beach of the Mountains. Anyone who has been to Myrtle Beach will completely understand this saying.

2. Have a GREAT cabin and cabin rental company makes a world of difference when you're staying in a place that you're not really happy about being at.

3. 2-12 packs of beer and half a "jug" of wine is not necessary for family events. Unless of course I'm drinking it, which I wasn't, so it was just out of line.

I'll go into more of this shortly. For now, I recover and try to get back into the swing of things in non-vacation mode.

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I'm not pregnant!

Not that I was worried about it to begin with, but hey, it's always nice to know.

But apparently they aren't sure what's causing my 15 day periods (not counting the 2 days which I think mother nature was just giving me as vacation days since I was taking the whole period thing pretty well). So, I'm back on birth control. FemCon Fe to be exact. Not sure if I'm going to dig this or not as I usually don't react well to birth control. But these may be different, as they are chewable. Chewable and mint flavored. What? Am I not good enough for the big-girl pills? Then to top it off, after thinking the whole chewable-mint thing was really cool, I read the instructions.

And I quote:

The Pill may be swallowed whole or chewed and swallowed. If the Pill is chewed, you should drink a full glass (8 ounces) of liquid immediately after swallowing.

Do I even need to ask? Ok, I will.

Why would someone chew the pill if you still need to drink a full glass of water (excuse me, liquid) immediately after? Isn't that the point of chewing it? If we had the glass of liquid at our hands reach, why not just throw the pill back with it and skip the whole chewing?

Oh wait. My bad. The minty flavor, right?


I finally get into an exam room at my GYN. Why even make an appointment? And how long do I get to sit in subfreezing exam room temps in this paper towel they call a gown?

Oh the joys of being a woman.

**sent from my Q**

I used to tell people that I work best under stress. This was obviously a statement made by a much younger and much more naive woman than I am now. Not that my job now is terribly stressful, but there are waves of stressful weeks that come like the tide. And for a short while I can have quite a load on my shoulders and then one day, it’s gone. But, this isn’t really my job stress that I’m talking about. I seem to handle that with some ease. It’s my home stress and my life stress that I seem to just crumble under, which is relatively strange as before having a child I never had this problem.

Oh wait. Before having a child I also had sleep and sanity.

I didn’t get a good nights sleep last night, due to various reasons but then when my son woke up at 5:30am and decided he wanted to be up and he wanted everyone else to be up, too. So now the stress of my job tangled into a sleep deprived Jonna means I am not handling things very well today.

Which totally explains why I told my coworker to fuck off as he came singing into my office this morning, it’s just one of those Mondays!

Remember Operations Wardrobe Upgrade? Well, it has stalled just slightly, however I have made great progress towards having a much more professional wardrobe for work. I have found that I need a few more top options, but I think I’ve found the perfect formula for easy and quick morning dressing. Which believe me, when you are constantly wondering when your adorable child will wake from his sweet slumber and promptly take over whatever morning routine you thought you had, fast and easy dressing is what you want. At least that way it leaves more time for other things, oh such as showering, brushing your teeth, washing yesterday’s makeup off.. little insignificant things like that.

Here’s the little glitches that I’ve ran into. When I am in a rush and I don’t have the time, or just plain old don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into my wardrobe, I usually grab the old reliable. The polo and khakis. I know, not very fashionable, not very chic, but I have to admit it does rank the highest in my comfy scale. Also, I’ve noticed that I have a much better selection of bottoms (slacks, skirts, etc) than I do tops.

So here’s my plan. Let me light up my cigar…

I want to buy at least 3 more button down tops that can interchange between my slacks that I have. That will replace the three polo shirts that I still find myself wearing quite frequently, since I quite frequently decide that I’m too lazy to try to actually match. They will need to be three-quarter length sleeves as to get the most use out of them. See, I’m THE TATTOOED MOMMIE, if you didn’t notice, and well I have what is knows as a half-sleeve of tattoos on my right arm (left, if you’re looking at me, but hey, that’s just a technicality right?). Well, part of my new wardrobe upgrade is that I’d like to look a little more professional. Never mind that I sit at a desk, wrangling programming code and SQL statements and rarely see other individuals other than the neighboring fashion faux pas that reside in the offices around me. So, to help in the professional department, I think it’s time to cover the tattoos, or at least the ones that are coverable. Hence, the three-quarter length sleeves, and considering I can wear them 3 seasons out of the four (minus the skin melting, summer seasons), I think it’ll work out very nicely.

Next plan of action is to up my accessories. Because well, now that I’m not climbing up on ladders to run cabling through the ceilings of pre-historic buildings, hell, a nice earring or bracelet would work! I’m completely clueless when it comes to accessorizing I’m trying to take the easy way out. I like silver, so silver everything. Hey, at least then I don’t have to worry about matching! I currently have a few silver hoops, which honestly, I think will be the only type of earrings I will ever wear. So, I’ll try and find a few more that may have a slightly different appearance (seriously, how many different ways can the hoop be done?) and add a few more bracelets to the mix. I need to get my nicer watched sized and viola… I’m on my way to being an accessory vixen! Or something resembling someone who may have at least the start of a clue, or maybe not so much, but this isn’t the time to shatter my dreams.

Finally, shoes. I can hear my husband screaming already. I know I have a lot of shoes, but I need to get a little more variety. This may mean sidelining my old favorite Birkenstocks. Because, well, hippie sandals just don’t go with my new fashion diva image I’m trying to portray. So, I’m sure he’ll compromise knowing that I’ll actually be reducing some of the collection, which he has dubbed “the wall of shoes”. More isn’t better if I don’t wear half of them right? Right.

So, there we have it. The second phase of my wardrobe upgrade (on a budget!). So far the process has been fairly simple, once I realized what it was I wanted to portray at work. And well, network-junkie-in-khakis who hasn’t done her hair or seen the light of sun for at least 3 weeks is so last year.

I love it when a plan comes together.

You know the average business person (woman, in my case) gets the shaft when it comes to life vs. work balance. See, those of us who work the nine-to-five gig are really at a serious disadvantage when it comes to balancing work time and personal time. Yes, I know we choose to put big-fat-corporate-butts in our ergonomic chairs, rolling around in our cube-farms, but a girl’s got to pay the bills somehow! The average person who works nine-to-five is working the standard business hours, meaning the hours that businesses are open for business. There are no after hours special for other business people, like there are for service-industry workers. You know, like at the local bar where you show up in your bar/restaurant uniform and you get discounts on beers? Wouldn’t it be nice to get to go to the bank at 9 pm and show your little corporate badge and get in to do business while all the other bank-goers look on at your late-night-deposits with envy? Ok, so I’m sure the people who are hanging around outside a bank at 9 pm are probably not the type to be making deposits at any hour, but you get my drift, right?

Somehow, our companies expect us to juggle our own personal business (i.e., paying mortgages, making deposits, shopping for a new purse…) within these hours without of course, stepping on our companies toes by using company resources to pay our bills, reserve cabins in the Smokey Mountains (Oktoberfest in Helen, GA anyone?) or using the mailroom for receiving E-bay orders. I seriously never would have gotten busted if the damn seller didn’t ship their “Like New” Ralph Lauren purse that I won for a measly $45, in E-bay designed wrapping paper around the box!

So, where does that leave us nine-to-fivers?
That leaves us on our lunch break, running around like mad people trying to plunge 18 pounds of “to-do” crap in the toilet of a one hour lunch break that we are allotted. Seriously, one hour? I can’t even get properly dressed for work in one hour, let alone get most of my daily errands ran. The post office usually takes up 15 minutes of time and that’s just dealing with the counter person and trying to explain to them that, “yes, I know I’m mailing a book however, I do not wish to mail it media mail, I wish to mail it first class mail as it is cheaper and usually arrives sooner regardless if you can’t get past the fact that I am mailing media at the non-media rate.” And that’s not even factoring in the wait in line or the drive over there!

How do we find that time to do those small but important tasks without having to rush ourselves through lunch, eating while driving back to the office or having to skip lunch all together (since that’s really bad for your metabolism) without getting fired?
I haven’t found that answer yet. However, I have figured this much out. It feels really good to make my car payment online while at work, and I justify it by the fact that I must use my car every day to travel to and from work. Which in any other business would be considered a business expenditure, which would mean paying said bill online during business hours would be totally acceptable.

Look, being slightly delusional may be a pathological disorder, but it lowers my stress and at least I’m not road-raging around town trying to run the rest of the corporate world over while heading to the post office to ship my E-bay box, which by the way I made a killer of a profit on that Ralph Lauren purse I just sold.

The catch 22 with exercise is that it makes you feel really great, only after you do it. So, all day yesterday when I was sitting my relatively-fat-ass (since Chris gets mad at me for calling myself a fat ass, I figured this would be a good compromise) on the couch wondering why I didn't feel as energized as I did the day before? Well, that would be because I was sitting my relatively-fat-ass on the cough instead of burning calories on the elliptical. However, the feeling I get after sweating for 30 minutes on the damn thing, it's like crack. Let's just hope I can stay addicted.So, I'm starting my weight loss spark again. My diet is kind of uncontrollable right now because my father-in-law has taken back over the dinner duties. Which, I happen to love his cooking, however his cooking isn't really conducive to losing weight. So, I'll just have to compensate by portion control and really suggesting other meal options, besides fried potatoes (chris' favorite) and pasta (my favorite).18 lbs to go. That will put me at 133. I don't want to lose more than that. I'm not trying to be the size 0. I just want to get into a healthy size that I can start working on toning up.On this note, I have a confession to make. It's pretty embarrassing in a funny sort of way, so feel free to make fun of me all you want, as I'm sure it's only going to get worse. In my decision to try and lose weight, I decided I was going to walk at work during my lunch break. Well, a few months ago, the old detective's area here in the building was wide open and a perfect place for me to walk laps around. However, now it's being cleaned out for the remodel that's starting to take place so I've lost my walking room. I could walk the halls, which now since people don't have offices on the main hallway wouldn't be so bad, but instead I opted to sign up for a yearly membership with Leslie Sansone, who just so happens to put out the best walk-at-home DVDs ever. This membership gives me access to her site which hosts "deskside fitness" videos. Which, while my boss was out, and my co-worker was at lunch I was easily able to do. However, now that my boss is back I have to make a decision. Do I do the deskside fitness walks and just tell them to all eff-off. Or do I shut my door and tell them that I'm taking a "moment to myself" (even though I'm sure they'd think I was doing something pervy instead) and do my walk then? The walks in the deskside fitness are so much more beneficial, I get a better rhythm and speed and I actually stretch, whereas otherwise I don't.I know. This is a most retarded thing to worry about, but I'm only 1 of 3 girls in a department of ball-swinging men and frankly, I despise letting any of my girlie traits out (such as walking, like the 50-something old women upstairs do) to give them ammunition against me. And believe me, it is ammo.

The last time I sat in line, or online, waiting to buy tickets for a concert was for Kid Rock in Nashville, TN. Before then, I’m pretty sure I was hoping to win tickets to Ozzfest. Before then, I pretty much went to see at least a handful of concerts every year, but that changed after getting married, a mortgage and a kid.

Until today.

And yes, The Wiggles count as a concert. And yes, I’m probably just as excited today as I was when waiting on my tickets for Kid Rock. Yes, I know I’m a hopelessly domestic dork. Don’t be jealous.

So, on November 14th at 3:00pm (actually 2:00 since the doors open early) I will be at the Bi-Lo Center, ready to jam out with my kid to some Wiggles. Will I be the dorky mom that’s singing along? Yup. Will I be the dorky mom that is making her kid dance around all the while he’s just wanting to drink out of his cuppa (Nikkos’ word for cup)? Yup. And I’ll be loving every “Hot Potato” minute of it! Frankly, I’m a huge fan of The Wiggles. Anything that is that catchy and can hold my son’s attention for longer than a 10 second span, I’m a big damn fan.
I will be the most Captain Feathersword lovin’, Big Red Car ridin’, Wake up Jeff, singing tattooed mommie in the whole damn place.

And poor Nikkos will forever have to live with the memory (or at least the pictures) from it all.

I work well under pressure. I’m not sure why, as I don’t think any of my jobs have really been an extremely stressful or pressure-driven type of gig. Sure, as a programmer I have deadlines and “gotchas” that come up and can make my life crazy for a week or so, but nothing so dramatic as a job-on-the-line type event. Just the typical deadline is due, program is not working, database has mysteriously been truncated, I goofed off just a few days too long type pressures, which I handle with grace.

Pressure such as sinus pressure, the throbbing pressure in my ear, and the threat of a sore-throat? Not so good.

But seriously, who could really focus on work when you have more important matters such as your health to worry about. I can not afford to get sick! Well, okay, I can afford it monetarily, but time wise, it’s just not do-able right now. Maybe next week, okay? I don’t have to release a re-write of a program, do my boss’s duties because he’s out, or reload a server next week. However, this week, I do. All the while, handling the fly balls (the random “can you look at this” or the “so-and-so just emailed and no one is here” type things that just pops up) from our director and basically doing a bunch of things that I typically don’t do, however now has been lumped under the “other duties” category of my job description. I know, I asked my director and that’s how she explained it to me.

So, as you can well see (or read), my day is going rather badly.

However, I’d like to amend to this, that Leslie Sansone is now my new hero as I just finished a short “Desk side Walk” video and I am in fact feeling better about life right now and I did get a boost of energy.

And skipping right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas. Okay, I guess I should be a little more accurate. Wal-Mart doesn’t really skip Halloween, they just line the next aisle over with the Christmas garb in case you happen to push your squeaky-wheeled-out-of-alignment-death-cart in the wrong aisle by mistake.

But I digress.

The reason I’m talking about Christmas when it’s still not even midway through September is because I made a vow. I vowed that I would be organized this year. I will mail my cards out early. I will have my gifts purchased before December hits the calendar and I will not let this year freak me out until I drink every bottle of wine in the house (again).

Another reason I’m talking about Christmas is because I’m thinking of going a different route this year, present wise. In my family, we buy gifts for everyone, which consists of at a minimum 21 people, give or take a few more depending on who brings girl/boyfriends. That’s a lot of people to shop for and to make matters worse, we’ve been buying gifts for one another so long that it’s really difficult to figure out what the hell you’ve given them in past years as to not buy the same thing you did 5 years ago because you think they will love it. Furthermore, we are all living kind of out of touch with each other so we aren’t all really up on each other’s new “fav” thing. Long story short (kind of) it’s really difficult to shop for my family members outside of my immediate family (meaning Chris & Nikk).

So, my different route? Well, I’m thinking of kind of “going green” with my gifts. Instead of giving the random piece of crap that will usually end up either left in the box or in the next garage sale, I was thinking of giving eatables or maybe customized recycled stationary or maybe a tote full of little things they could use or eat. But it would be stuff that could honestly be used by each person. Or better yet, the eating side of it all. Some chocolates, coffees, teas (although no one on that side of the family drinks any type of tea unless it’s prefaced with “sweet”), something along those lines seemed kind of nice, or rather, I wouldn’t mind receiving them. At least then I’ll feel like they could actually use the damn things instead of wondering where the hell they’ll store this present until they can “regift” it again. As if we haven’t all done that!

I’m starting my planning now. Let’s see if I can actually make it this year without putting myself through Holiday Season Therapy.

Yes, I know that it's 9/12 today, but I really kind of wanted to hold off talking about 9/11 until it was over with so I'd have a little better view of what the day was going to be like as a whole.

I think 9/11 should be remembered and I'm glad that a few places like PMSNBC aired original 9/11 footage. I think it's like showing WWII videos and pictures, it's like showing Tsunami and Hurricane footage. It needs to be remembered. It needs to be memorialized for those who lost loved ones and have no where to really morn. For those who need to know that our nation still remembers that their lives were taken unjustly.

What we don't need is all the political mumbo-jumbo ass kissing that seems to go on during times like these that only make me further want to kick every Senator or Congressman out of office and start all over again.

9/11 should be like Memorial Day, a day for the heroes to be thanked, the lost souls be remembered and people to stop for one moment and realize there are seriously bigger issues out there than just what's in our own little bubble.

This past Tuesday, my son went for his 1st ever dentist appointment. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I kind of had one of those gut feelings that I wouldn't like the place.

The building is located on a really busy street (Pelham Road) and there is a one way entrance and exit. It's an awkward turn to get in from the other side of the street. Once you get into the parking lot, you have to walk up a good flight of steep stairs to get to the front door of the office which faces above mentioned busy street. Mind you, all the while carrying a purse, diaper bag and a cranky 22lb kid. Once you get into the office, the age really shows. The lobby/waiting room is decorated in a nautical/sea theme, with the walls painted with beach scenes and lots of boat paraphernalia. It's small with really low ceilings and really crappy lighting. A nice fish tank was against the wall, unfortunately it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while.

After we got all the paperwork done and sat waiting, I realized Nikkos was in dire need of a diaper change. Full on stank action going. So, I take him to the bathroom where I discover that they don't have any type of changing table and no type of wipes or anything. The wipes I wasn't too concerned about even though I realized I didn't have any in his diaper bag (oops, bad mommy!), I could always substitute wet paper towels or toilet paper. But the changing table really pissed me off. This is an office which is geared towards children, hence the "pediatric" in their name. Their office recommends that children be seen as soon as they have teeth.. yet they don't gear the office towards having any of these children. Not to mention, when we finally got called back, the exam room was more of the same - nothing for children! One of the fluorescent lights had a cover with balloons on it and a small TV in the corner. Um, excuse me, I want something like this going on.

The dentist and the hygienist were everything I could hope for. They were very nice, nice to Nikk and very informative. But the office just freakin' wigged me out! My best friend takes her two kids to the Dr Muncy (same link as above) and I think I'm going to switch. Yup. I think so.

But anyway, Nikkos did horribly. Which was expected. As soon as the hygienist tried to put the little napkin on a string around his neck he just looked at her and said, "no" and wasn't going to have anything to do with that purple napkin. I had to play with it a bit and then he allowed me to put it under his chin. I had to sit in the dental chair and he sat on my lap. That wasn't so bad until they wanted to start actually looking in his mouth because they had to recline us back. I had to hold his legs so he didn't kick them in the face, regardless of how much I kind of wanted to let go just to see how good of a whack he could give her. So, she cleaned his 6 little teeth, how she got in there and out without getting bitten is a mystery to me! She even put a little fluoride on a q-tip and got his teeth his first dose of fluoride!

Then we had to sit and wait for the dentist. Which took forever, and the entire time Nikkos is just waving to the hygienist and saying "Bye Bye". Yeh, Mommy wanted to go bye bye, too.

Dentist makes his entrance and he inspects his teeth and informs me that he has some of his molars coming in, so expect a fever, diarrhea and irritability. He obviously hasn't been in my house for the last 5 months! But it was nice to know there was an actual reason for it all.We go over the standard questions. Does he use a bottle? No. Does he use a cup? Um, well if he doesn't use a bottle, I didn't realize there was anything else he could use but a cup. (Apparently that was a statement that took the dentist by surprise because he paused for a moment before moving on without changing expressions). Does he use a pacifier? No. Does he suck his thumb? No. Does he drink juice? Yes. Does he go to bed with a cup? Yes. Does he drink juice in his cup at bedtime? No, and I can simplify the next few questions, he goes to bed with a cup of water and he doesn't drink juice for at least an hour prior to bedtime. (apparently that wasn't a welcomed answer either). Have you introduced a toothbrush? Yes, and since he turned 1, he's been "brushing" his teeth twice a day, although the definition of brushing should be read as, sucking the baby toothpaste and chewing on the bristles. I can manage a few good brushes on either one of his sets of teeth before he pulls away. I mean really, when you look at it, my kid is really on his way to having great dental hygiene! I was expecting to get a gold star sticker or something from the dentist after those A+ answers (and I didn't even have to cheat!). But all I got was, "very good.. we'll schedule his next appointment." Um, hello! That's it?

Whatever, your office sucks!

I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy - but that could change. - Dan Quayle

Gangsta MLB HatsWhy not? Gangsta's need hats too! And why make them create their own when you can just sell it to them and then the gangsta can save his money that he would be buying an extra bandabba and put it towards something better, like weed or guns!
Why Amy? Why? Must you follow Britney's lead in this dance of career suicide?
Paris, Lindsay and Britney DO make the airhead trifecta!Oh wait, add Nicole and we've got the fabulous four!

BookCrossing - The World's Biggest Free Book Club - Catch and Release Used Books

I had to share this site with my friends (that means YOU!) because I absolutely love the concept behind it. I mean, hello! Book Karma! Although, sadly all of my books I've released have yet to get "caught", I'm still holding out hope that one day I'll get notified that someone journaled an entry for my one.

Granted, they probably didn't catch my book because I only really release the ones not worth keeping!

I'm a complainer. I can usually find something to complain about regardless of the situation. However, one thing I can't complain about, Saturday I spent the day shopping! I wish I could go out and do a whole wardrobe replacement, however I'm sure my bank account thanks me for showing some restraint. I was standing in my closet this morning, perusing my clothes and I realized that regardless of my lack of fashion sense, I do have someone of a style. Granted, probably not one that's in fashion right about now, but hey, it's mine damn it. So, I think I'm slowly going to enhance that style. See, currently I am very casual at work because frankly, our boss doesn't enforce our dress code. However, now that I'm no longer doing the down-and-dirty work of tech support and am sitting at a desk behind a very big monitor all day, I'd like to dress a little more "position appropriate". I have business casual to business style clothing, I just never really choose to wear them here, primarily because every time I did, I would get asked if I had a job interview line up that day. Frankly, at most of my other jobs (minus when I was working in a head end of the cable company where I was working on servers all day), I was dressed very business like and since I've stopped, some of my heels just haven't seen the light of day. And why have a pair of great shoes if you never wear them, right? Right. So, slowly, I will be converting my work wear into clothes that I don't wear on the weekends as well.

I'm a person who rarely has middle ground on things. I either love it or I hate it. I love Jen Lancaster, she's hysterical and she's smart. I hate Stephen King, it's not that he's a bad writer, it's just he's over rated. I love primping and pampering myself. I hate most other girls who like primping and pampering because they are the ones that are usually skinny, with great hair and nails and have rich husband, so they never have to work. I love Japanese food. I hate Indian food. See, I'm pretty cut and dry with my tastes.

So, what does this all have to do with anything, I'm sure you're asking?

Well, being a woman and all (yes, I burp and fart but I am, in fact a woman), I realized that I am quick to judge what I like (or love) and what I dislike (or hate) pretty quickly. That may or may not be a good thing, depending on how each individual situation turns out. For example, I'm sure that by reading one Stephen King book and realizing that his writing is just a little better than other's I've read, yet for some reason he is king-of-all-books, and then declaring that I hate him and therefore I will not read anymore of his books.. has probably caused me to miss out on some really good books. However, on the other hand, by trying a plate of Indian food and promptly spitting it back out (What? I made sure no one saw!) and swearing I'll never eat another bite of Indian food again has probably saved me from having to gag through testing more Indian food until I actually found something that I like, and not to mention the money I've probably saved!!

So the moral of this story is, judgement may not be a good thing all the time, but for the most part it may save you money and embarrassment of hurling on your shoes.

You know you're an addict when you take every free second you have while at work and relentlessly click your refresh button to see if they've updated your favorite Big Brother spoiler site.

Yup, that was me today.

I'm sad to say, I am in fact an addict. Since discovering the spoiler sites and how fast the feeds are put up on YouTube, I am in-fact an addict and I can't live without knowing what's happening in that fake house, with those fake people, living their fake life on TV... every single minute that it's going on.

Must finish blog. Must click refresh.

Welcome to blogger land, Jonna. By the way, let's start off this wonderful event with a full blown fever that knocks you out of your tube socks!
I haven't been feeling well over the last week or so but I've more or less just been trying to ignore the whole thing. I mean really, being sick is just really incovenient for me. See, I'm a mommy and a wife and this means being sick is not an option for me. I'm allowed to tend to the sick, I'm allowed to feel back for the sick but myself, I am not allowed to be sick. Well, until today.

When you find me in bed, next to my ever-so-loving hubby in nothing but an old t-shirt, grannie panties and black striped tube socks, believe me, it's not some kind of kinky dress up thing going on. If that's not enough, but I tend to cry when sick. A lot. Wrapped in my comforter, crying. All the while my husband trying to ever so gently dab my head with a cold wet wash cloth. It's really a sad sight. It really is heart wrenching, almost like one of those "Feed the Children" commercials.

Well, after spending the night alternating between sweating like a pig in heat and shivering profusely and wrapping up in every available covering within hands reach (including pillows, stuffed animals and I think I tried covering with my husband once), I think I'm okay now. I've been slightly feverish today, but overall I'm not feeling like a deathwish just awaiting arrival.

Welcome to my blog!