Welcome to blogger land, Jonna. By the way, let's start off this wonderful event with a full blown fever that knocks you out of your tube socks!
I haven't been feeling well over the last week or so but I've more or less just been trying to ignore the whole thing. I mean really, being sick is just really incovenient for me. See, I'm a mommy and a wife and this means being sick is not an option for me. I'm allowed to tend to the sick, I'm allowed to feel back for the sick but myself, I am not allowed to be sick. Well, until today.

When you find me in bed, next to my ever-so-loving hubby in nothing but an old t-shirt, grannie panties and black striped tube socks, believe me, it's not some kind of kinky dress up thing going on. If that's not enough, but I tend to cry when sick. A lot. Wrapped in my comforter, crying. All the while my husband trying to ever so gently dab my head with a cold wet wash cloth. It's really a sad sight. It really is heart wrenching, almost like one of those "Feed the Children" commercials.

Well, after spending the night alternating between sweating like a pig in heat and shivering profusely and wrapping up in every available covering within hands reach (including pillows, stuffed animals and I think I tried covering with my husband once), I think I'm okay now. I've been slightly feverish today, but overall I'm not feeling like a deathwish just awaiting arrival.

Welcome to my blog!