This past Tuesday, my son went for his 1st ever dentist appointment. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I kind of had one of those gut feelings that I wouldn't like the place.

The building is located on a really busy street (Pelham Road) and there is a one way entrance and exit. It's an awkward turn to get in from the other side of the street. Once you get into the parking lot, you have to walk up a good flight of steep stairs to get to the front door of the office which faces above mentioned busy street. Mind you, all the while carrying a purse, diaper bag and a cranky 22lb kid. Once you get into the office, the age really shows. The lobby/waiting room is decorated in a nautical/sea theme, with the walls painted with beach scenes and lots of boat paraphernalia. It's small with really low ceilings and really crappy lighting. A nice fish tank was against the wall, unfortunately it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while.

After we got all the paperwork done and sat waiting, I realized Nikkos was in dire need of a diaper change. Full on stank action going. So, I take him to the bathroom where I discover that they don't have any type of changing table and no type of wipes or anything. The wipes I wasn't too concerned about even though I realized I didn't have any in his diaper bag (oops, bad mommy!), I could always substitute wet paper towels or toilet paper. But the changing table really pissed me off. This is an office which is geared towards children, hence the "pediatric" in their name. Their office recommends that children be seen as soon as they have teeth.. yet they don't gear the office towards having any of these children. Not to mention, when we finally got called back, the exam room was more of the same - nothing for children! One of the fluorescent lights had a cover with balloons on it and a small TV in the corner. Um, excuse me, I want something like this going on.

The dentist and the hygienist were everything I could hope for. They were very nice, nice to Nikk and very informative. But the office just freakin' wigged me out! My best friend takes her two kids to the Dr Muncy (same link as above) and I think I'm going to switch. Yup. I think so.

But anyway, Nikkos did horribly. Which was expected. As soon as the hygienist tried to put the little napkin on a string around his neck he just looked at her and said, "no" and wasn't going to have anything to do with that purple napkin. I had to play with it a bit and then he allowed me to put it under his chin. I had to sit in the dental chair and he sat on my lap. That wasn't so bad until they wanted to start actually looking in his mouth because they had to recline us back. I had to hold his legs so he didn't kick them in the face, regardless of how much I kind of wanted to let go just to see how good of a whack he could give her. So, she cleaned his 6 little teeth, how she got in there and out without getting bitten is a mystery to me! She even put a little fluoride on a q-tip and got his teeth his first dose of fluoride!

Then we had to sit and wait for the dentist. Which took forever, and the entire time Nikkos is just waving to the hygienist and saying "Bye Bye". Yeh, Mommy wanted to go bye bye, too.

Dentist makes his entrance and he inspects his teeth and informs me that he has some of his molars coming in, so expect a fever, diarrhea and irritability. He obviously hasn't been in my house for the last 5 months! But it was nice to know there was an actual reason for it all.We go over the standard questions. Does he use a bottle? No. Does he use a cup? Um, well if he doesn't use a bottle, I didn't realize there was anything else he could use but a cup. (Apparently that was a statement that took the dentist by surprise because he paused for a moment before moving on without changing expressions). Does he use a pacifier? No. Does he suck his thumb? No. Does he drink juice? Yes. Does he go to bed with a cup? Yes. Does he drink juice in his cup at bedtime? No, and I can simplify the next few questions, he goes to bed with a cup of water and he doesn't drink juice for at least an hour prior to bedtime. (apparently that wasn't a welcomed answer either). Have you introduced a toothbrush? Yes, and since he turned 1, he's been "brushing" his teeth twice a day, although the definition of brushing should be read as, sucking the baby toothpaste and chewing on the bristles. I can manage a few good brushes on either one of his sets of teeth before he pulls away. I mean really, when you look at it, my kid is really on his way to having great dental hygiene! I was expecting to get a gold star sticker or something from the dentist after those A+ answers (and I didn't even have to cheat!). But all I got was, "very good.. we'll schedule his next appointment." Um, hello! That's it?

Whatever, your office sucks!