I'm a complainer. I can usually find something to complain about regardless of the situation. However, one thing I can't complain about, Saturday I spent the day shopping! I wish I could go out and do a whole wardrobe replacement, however I'm sure my bank account thanks me for showing some restraint. I was standing in my closet this morning, perusing my clothes and I realized that regardless of my lack of fashion sense, I do have someone of a style. Granted, probably not one that's in fashion right about now, but hey, it's mine damn it. So, I think I'm slowly going to enhance that style. See, currently I am very casual at work because frankly, our boss doesn't enforce our dress code. However, now that I'm no longer doing the down-and-dirty work of tech support and am sitting at a desk behind a very big monitor all day, I'd like to dress a little more "position appropriate". I have business casual to business style clothing, I just never really choose to wear them here, primarily because every time I did, I would get asked if I had a job interview line up that day. Frankly, at most of my other jobs (minus when I was working in a head end of the cable company where I was working on servers all day), I was dressed very business like and since I've stopped, some of my heels just haven't seen the light of day. And why have a pair of great shoes if you never wear them, right? Right. So, slowly, I will be converting my work wear into clothes that I don't wear on the weekends as well.