Yes, I know that it's 9/12 today, but I really kind of wanted to hold off talking about 9/11 until it was over with so I'd have a little better view of what the day was going to be like as a whole.

I think 9/11 should be remembered and I'm glad that a few places like PMSNBC aired original 9/11 footage. I think it's like showing WWII videos and pictures, it's like showing Tsunami and Hurricane footage. It needs to be remembered. It needs to be memorialized for those who lost loved ones and have no where to really morn. For those who need to know that our nation still remembers that their lives were taken unjustly.

What we don't need is all the political mumbo-jumbo ass kissing that seems to go on during times like these that only make me further want to kick every Senator or Congressman out of office and start all over again.

9/11 should be like Memorial Day, a day for the heroes to be thanked, the lost souls be remembered and people to stop for one moment and realize there are seriously bigger issues out there than just what's in our own little bubble.