And skipping right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas. Okay, I guess I should be a little more accurate. Wal-Mart doesn’t really skip Halloween, they just line the next aisle over with the Christmas garb in case you happen to push your squeaky-wheeled-out-of-alignment-death-cart in the wrong aisle by mistake.

But I digress.

The reason I’m talking about Christmas when it’s still not even midway through September is because I made a vow. I vowed that I would be organized this year. I will mail my cards out early. I will have my gifts purchased before December hits the calendar and I will not let this year freak me out until I drink every bottle of wine in the house (again).

Another reason I’m talking about Christmas is because I’m thinking of going a different route this year, present wise. In my family, we buy gifts for everyone, which consists of at a minimum 21 people, give or take a few more depending on who brings girl/boyfriends. That’s a lot of people to shop for and to make matters worse, we’ve been buying gifts for one another so long that it’s really difficult to figure out what the hell you’ve given them in past years as to not buy the same thing you did 5 years ago because you think they will love it. Furthermore, we are all living kind of out of touch with each other so we aren’t all really up on each other’s new “fav” thing. Long story short (kind of) it’s really difficult to shop for my family members outside of my immediate family (meaning Chris & Nikk).

So, my different route? Well, I’m thinking of kind of “going green” with my gifts. Instead of giving the random piece of crap that will usually end up either left in the box or in the next garage sale, I was thinking of giving eatables or maybe customized recycled stationary or maybe a tote full of little things they could use or eat. But it would be stuff that could honestly be used by each person. Or better yet, the eating side of it all. Some chocolates, coffees, teas (although no one on that side of the family drinks any type of tea unless it’s prefaced with “sweet”), something along those lines seemed kind of nice, or rather, I wouldn’t mind receiving them. At least then I’ll feel like they could actually use the damn things instead of wondering where the hell they’ll store this present until they can “regift” it again. As if we haven’t all done that!

I’m starting my planning now. Let’s see if I can actually make it this year without putting myself through Holiday Season Therapy.