I work well under pressure. I’m not sure why, as I don’t think any of my jobs have really been an extremely stressful or pressure-driven type of gig. Sure, as a programmer I have deadlines and “gotchas” that come up and can make my life crazy for a week or so, but nothing so dramatic as a job-on-the-line type event. Just the typical deadline is due, program is not working, database has mysteriously been truncated, I goofed off just a few days too long type pressures, which I handle with grace.

Pressure such as sinus pressure, the throbbing pressure in my ear, and the threat of a sore-throat? Not so good.

But seriously, who could really focus on work when you have more important matters such as your health to worry about. I can not afford to get sick! Well, okay, I can afford it monetarily, but time wise, it’s just not do-able right now. Maybe next week, okay? I don’t have to release a re-write of a program, do my boss’s duties because he’s out, or reload a server next week. However, this week, I do. All the while, handling the fly balls (the random “can you look at this” or the “so-and-so just emailed and no one is here” type things that just pops up) from our director and basically doing a bunch of things that I typically don’t do, however now has been lumped under the “other duties” category of my job description. I know, I asked my director and that’s how she explained it to me.

So, as you can well see (or read), my day is going rather badly.

However, I’d like to amend to this, that Leslie Sansone is now my new hero as I just finished a short “Desk side Walk” video and I am in fact feeling better about life right now and I did get a boost of energy.