The last time I sat in line, or online, waiting to buy tickets for a concert was for Kid Rock in Nashville, TN. Before then, I’m pretty sure I was hoping to win tickets to Ozzfest. Before then, I pretty much went to see at least a handful of concerts every year, but that changed after getting married, a mortgage and a kid.

Until today.

And yes, The Wiggles count as a concert. And yes, I’m probably just as excited today as I was when waiting on my tickets for Kid Rock. Yes, I know I’m a hopelessly domestic dork. Don’t be jealous.

So, on November 14th at 3:00pm (actually 2:00 since the doors open early) I will be at the Bi-Lo Center, ready to jam out with my kid to some Wiggles. Will I be the dorky mom that’s singing along? Yup. Will I be the dorky mom that is making her kid dance around all the while he’s just wanting to drink out of his cuppa (Nikkos’ word for cup)? Yup. And I’ll be loving every “Hot Potato” minute of it! Frankly, I’m a huge fan of The Wiggles. Anything that is that catchy and can hold my son’s attention for longer than a 10 second span, I’m a big damn fan.
I will be the most Captain Feathersword lovin’, Big Red Car ridin’, Wake up Jeff, singing tattooed mommie in the whole damn place.

And poor Nikkos will forever have to live with the memory (or at least the pictures) from it all.