Remember Operations Wardrobe Upgrade? Well, it has stalled just slightly, however I have made great progress towards having a much more professional wardrobe for work. I have found that I need a few more top options, but I think I’ve found the perfect formula for easy and quick morning dressing. Which believe me, when you are constantly wondering when your adorable child will wake from his sweet slumber and promptly take over whatever morning routine you thought you had, fast and easy dressing is what you want. At least that way it leaves more time for other things, oh such as showering, brushing your teeth, washing yesterday’s makeup off.. little insignificant things like that.

Here’s the little glitches that I’ve ran into. When I am in a rush and I don’t have the time, or just plain old don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into my wardrobe, I usually grab the old reliable. The polo and khakis. I know, not very fashionable, not very chic, but I have to admit it does rank the highest in my comfy scale. Also, I’ve noticed that I have a much better selection of bottoms (slacks, skirts, etc) than I do tops.

So here’s my plan. Let me light up my cigar…

I want to buy at least 3 more button down tops that can interchange between my slacks that I have. That will replace the three polo shirts that I still find myself wearing quite frequently, since I quite frequently decide that I’m too lazy to try to actually match. They will need to be three-quarter length sleeves as to get the most use out of them. See, I’m THE TATTOOED MOMMIE, if you didn’t notice, and well I have what is knows as a half-sleeve of tattoos on my right arm (left, if you’re looking at me, but hey, that’s just a technicality right?). Well, part of my new wardrobe upgrade is that I’d like to look a little more professional. Never mind that I sit at a desk, wrangling programming code and SQL statements and rarely see other individuals other than the neighboring fashion faux pas that reside in the offices around me. So, to help in the professional department, I think it’s time to cover the tattoos, or at least the ones that are coverable. Hence, the three-quarter length sleeves, and considering I can wear them 3 seasons out of the four (minus the skin melting, summer seasons), I think it’ll work out very nicely.

Next plan of action is to up my accessories. Because well, now that I’m not climbing up on ladders to run cabling through the ceilings of pre-historic buildings, hell, a nice earring or bracelet would work! I’m completely clueless when it comes to accessorizing I’m trying to take the easy way out. I like silver, so silver everything. Hey, at least then I don’t have to worry about matching! I currently have a few silver hoops, which honestly, I think will be the only type of earrings I will ever wear. So, I’ll try and find a few more that may have a slightly different appearance (seriously, how many different ways can the hoop be done?) and add a few more bracelets to the mix. I need to get my nicer watched sized and viola… I’m on my way to being an accessory vixen! Or something resembling someone who may have at least the start of a clue, or maybe not so much, but this isn’t the time to shatter my dreams.

Finally, shoes. I can hear my husband screaming already. I know I have a lot of shoes, but I need to get a little more variety. This may mean sidelining my old favorite Birkenstocks. Because, well, hippie sandals just don’t go with my new fashion diva image I’m trying to portray. So, I’m sure he’ll compromise knowing that I’ll actually be reducing some of the collection, which he has dubbed “the wall of shoes”. More isn’t better if I don’t wear half of them right? Right.

So, there we have it. The second phase of my wardrobe upgrade (on a budget!). So far the process has been fairly simple, once I realized what it was I wanted to portray at work. And well, network-junkie-in-khakis who hasn’t done her hair or seen the light of sun for at least 3 weeks is so last year.

I love it when a plan comes together.


Kathy Howe said...

Let me share with you my best secret for getting dressed in the morning:

I always pick out what I am going to wear the night before.

Pants, top, jacket, shoes, socks, underwear, bra, jewelry, EVERYTHING gets picked out before I tuck in.

I have NO BRAIN in the morning and the last thing I need to do is try to put together something that looks nicer than my jammy pants. LOL

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