The catch 22 with exercise is that it makes you feel really great, only after you do it. So, all day yesterday when I was sitting my relatively-fat-ass (since Chris gets mad at me for calling myself a fat ass, I figured this would be a good compromise) on the couch wondering why I didn't feel as energized as I did the day before? Well, that would be because I was sitting my relatively-fat-ass on the cough instead of burning calories on the elliptical. However, the feeling I get after sweating for 30 minutes on the damn thing, it's like crack. Let's just hope I can stay addicted.So, I'm starting my weight loss spark again. My diet is kind of uncontrollable right now because my father-in-law has taken back over the dinner duties. Which, I happen to love his cooking, however his cooking isn't really conducive to losing weight. So, I'll just have to compensate by portion control and really suggesting other meal options, besides fried potatoes (chris' favorite) and pasta (my favorite).18 lbs to go. That will put me at 133. I don't want to lose more than that. I'm not trying to be the size 0. I just want to get into a healthy size that I can start working on toning up.On this note, I have a confession to make. It's pretty embarrassing in a funny sort of way, so feel free to make fun of me all you want, as I'm sure it's only going to get worse. In my decision to try and lose weight, I decided I was going to walk at work during my lunch break. Well, a few months ago, the old detective's area here in the building was wide open and a perfect place for me to walk laps around. However, now it's being cleaned out for the remodel that's starting to take place so I've lost my walking room. I could walk the halls, which now since people don't have offices on the main hallway wouldn't be so bad, but instead I opted to sign up for a yearly membership with Leslie Sansone, who just so happens to put out the best walk-at-home DVDs ever. This membership gives me access to her site which hosts "deskside fitness" videos. Which, while my boss was out, and my co-worker was at lunch I was easily able to do. However, now that my boss is back I have to make a decision. Do I do the deskside fitness walks and just tell them to all eff-off. Or do I shut my door and tell them that I'm taking a "moment to myself" (even though I'm sure they'd think I was doing something pervy instead) and do my walk then? The walks in the deskside fitness are so much more beneficial, I get a better rhythm and speed and I actually stretch, whereas otherwise I don't.I know. This is a most retarded thing to worry about, but I'm only 1 of 3 girls in a department of ball-swinging men and frankly, I despise letting any of my girlie traits out (such as walking, like the 50-something old women upstairs do) to give them ammunition against me. And believe me, it is ammo.