Life goes on...
Last night Chris & I went out for a date night. Texas Roadhouse and bowling. Except we never got around to bowling. It was a nice break and nice to get out with just him. I miss having his full attention sometimes and I think he was feeling a little of the same.
We spent the entire day before our date night out and about shopping. We bought almost all of Nikkos' Christmas gifts and then walked the mall to let Exenie get some shopping in. It was fun, except Nikkos was going nuts int he mall and really just wanted to run wild through the stores.
This morning, as I'm typing this actually, Chris is in the kitchen making muffins and sausage. I've got a great cup of coffee and Nikkos is zoning out into Noggin - life is good.

Do a Good Deed!

10.25.2007 |

Vote for Kimberly Klien

Here's a quick summary of who she is:
She has one kid.
Went back to law school.
Started a blog.
Diagnosed with breast cancer.
Nearly done with treatments, lost hair and is down to 5 eyelashes.
Blog nominated for $10,000 law scholarship.
Could totally use the money.
(Thanks to Jen Lancaster for bringing this to so many people's attention!)

I just found out this afternoon that Kiran Chetry is with CNN now. I like her. I don't care who she works for. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, I just don't watch anymore. But when I did watch, she was one of the anchors I liked.

Waking up at 7:21 this morning was like a little part of a dream come true.

Because there is one thing I've learned about having a toddler and that is your time is no longer your own so cherish the moments that you get to do something you'd like to do, even if it means just sleeping in for an hour and a half.

Now if this were a real dream come true, I would have woken up without bloodshot, gummy eyes and coffee would have already been made with a steaming cup waiting for me on my back deck next to my book and a super comfy, warm blanket to keep me warm on this chilly morning.

But here I sit, typing away on my couch with The Upside Down Show on in the background, waiting for coffee to brew.Ah, the joys of parenthood.

My weekend vacation to Gatlinburg, TN went really well. This is a really bad shot of a beautiful view that I woke up to each morning in my cabin.

I've learned 3 things while in Gatlinburg. Ready?

1. Gatlinburg is the Myrtle Beach of the Mountains. Anyone who has been to Myrtle Beach will completely understand this saying.

2. Have a GREAT cabin and cabin rental company makes a world of difference when you're staying in a place that you're not really happy about being at.

3. 2-12 packs of beer and half a "jug" of wine is not necessary for family events. Unless of course I'm drinking it, which I wasn't, so it was just out of line.

I'll go into more of this shortly. For now, I recover and try to get back into the swing of things in non-vacation mode.

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I'm not pregnant!

Not that I was worried about it to begin with, but hey, it's always nice to know.

But apparently they aren't sure what's causing my 15 day periods (not counting the 2 days which I think mother nature was just giving me as vacation days since I was taking the whole period thing pretty well). So, I'm back on birth control. FemCon Fe to be exact. Not sure if I'm going to dig this or not as I usually don't react well to birth control. But these may be different, as they are chewable. Chewable and mint flavored. What? Am I not good enough for the big-girl pills? Then to top it off, after thinking the whole chewable-mint thing was really cool, I read the instructions.

And I quote:

The Pill may be swallowed whole or chewed and swallowed. If the Pill is chewed, you should drink a full glass (8 ounces) of liquid immediately after swallowing.

Do I even need to ask? Ok, I will.

Why would someone chew the pill if you still need to drink a full glass of water (excuse me, liquid) immediately after? Isn't that the point of chewing it? If we had the glass of liquid at our hands reach, why not just throw the pill back with it and skip the whole chewing?

Oh wait. My bad. The minty flavor, right?


I finally get into an exam room at my GYN. Why even make an appointment? And how long do I get to sit in subfreezing exam room temps in this paper towel they call a gown?

Oh the joys of being a woman.

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I used to tell people that I work best under stress. This was obviously a statement made by a much younger and much more naive woman than I am now. Not that my job now is terribly stressful, but there are waves of stressful weeks that come like the tide. And for a short while I can have quite a load on my shoulders and then one day, it’s gone. But, this isn’t really my job stress that I’m talking about. I seem to handle that with some ease. It’s my home stress and my life stress that I seem to just crumble under, which is relatively strange as before having a child I never had this problem.

Oh wait. Before having a child I also had sleep and sanity.

I didn’t get a good nights sleep last night, due to various reasons but then when my son woke up at 5:30am and decided he wanted to be up and he wanted everyone else to be up, too. So now the stress of my job tangled into a sleep deprived Jonna means I am not handling things very well today.

Which totally explains why I told my coworker to fuck off as he came singing into my office this morning, it’s just one of those Mondays!