I used to tell people that I work best under stress. This was obviously a statement made by a much younger and much more naive woman than I am now. Not that my job now is terribly stressful, but there are waves of stressful weeks that come like the tide. And for a short while I can have quite a load on my shoulders and then one day, it’s gone. But, this isn’t really my job stress that I’m talking about. I seem to handle that with some ease. It’s my home stress and my life stress that I seem to just crumble under, which is relatively strange as before having a child I never had this problem.

Oh wait. Before having a child I also had sleep and sanity.

I didn’t get a good nights sleep last night, due to various reasons but then when my son woke up at 5:30am and decided he wanted to be up and he wanted everyone else to be up, too. So now the stress of my job tangled into a sleep deprived Jonna means I am not handling things very well today.

Which totally explains why I told my coworker to fuck off as he came singing into my office this morning, it’s just one of those Mondays!