I'm not pregnant!

Not that I was worried about it to begin with, but hey, it's always nice to know.

But apparently they aren't sure what's causing my 15 day periods (not counting the 2 days which I think mother nature was just giving me as vacation days since I was taking the whole period thing pretty well). So, I'm back on birth control. FemCon Fe to be exact. Not sure if I'm going to dig this or not as I usually don't react well to birth control. But these may be different, as they are chewable. Chewable and mint flavored. What? Am I not good enough for the big-girl pills? Then to top it off, after thinking the whole chewable-mint thing was really cool, I read the instructions.

And I quote:

The Pill may be swallowed whole or chewed and swallowed. If the Pill is chewed, you should drink a full glass (8 ounces) of liquid immediately after swallowing.

Do I even need to ask? Ok, I will.

Why would someone chew the pill if you still need to drink a full glass of water (excuse me, liquid) immediately after? Isn't that the point of chewing it? If we had the glass of liquid at our hands reach, why not just throw the pill back with it and skip the whole chewing?

Oh wait. My bad. The minty flavor, right?



Kel said...

Hopefully they'll get things figured out for you....that whole thing must suck horribly!

I agree with you..why chew it if you still have to have liquid with it? *scratch head*

I hate Birth Control (I'm one of the few I know that GAIN weight going OFF it), but since we aren't ready for Chief to get snipped...it's a necessary evil.

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