My weekend vacation to Gatlinburg, TN went really well. This is a really bad shot of a beautiful view that I woke up to each morning in my cabin.

I've learned 3 things while in Gatlinburg. Ready?

1. Gatlinburg is the Myrtle Beach of the Mountains. Anyone who has been to Myrtle Beach will completely understand this saying.

2. Have a GREAT cabin and cabin rental company makes a world of difference when you're staying in a place that you're not really happy about being at.

3. 2-12 packs of beer and half a "jug" of wine is not necessary for family events. Unless of course I'm drinking it, which I wasn't, so it was just out of line.

I'll go into more of this shortly. For now, I recover and try to get back into the swing of things in non-vacation mode.

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