So the weekend before last I was out at the football field with ole' hubby. This is usually a common occurrence for me, as I'm becoming quite football savvy. Granted, I've long been a fan but I'm getting quite good at seeing good and bad routes and analyzing my hubby's team while they play. I don't just go because I'm the League Commissioner's wife. Although it's a cool title, he gets nothing but guys whinning at him and the headaches of sorting out schedules. I am in fact a football fan. Yes, I went to my high school football games to watch the game! (okay, between making out under the bleachers) But still.

Derailed, sorry.

Anyway, the other weekend we were out on the field and one of the games just finished up and we were all hanging around talking while the next game got under way. We were talking about comedians and I mentioned that I really liked the guy who does the voice of Steve Madden.

Whoops. Where in the HELL did Steve come from? Of course, I got razzed the entire afternoon for my slip up.

Yes, I know it's John Madden. I knew it a split second after Steve came out of my mouth.
Why did I say it? I think I have the answer.

Because subconsciously I was thinking of shoes. I knew I was a girl's girl.

So, um.. all you FFPA guys out there that made fun of me that day. Yeah, well, I may have goofed on a stupid name but at least I didn't screw up running a curl route or forget how to play zone!

I've recently found twitter.

I love it.
See how it starts to affect your sentences?
Making sure you convey your point in 140 characters or less.

Anyway, I'm on the hunt for a super-awesome-great twitter client.

Right now it's the battle royale between tweetr and snitter.

God, as if I needed anything else to make me internet-insane.

After going around to a few places last week and trying to find something we both really liked, last night Chris & I found the new couch and recliners we want.

This is the couch, it's a microfiber but it really looks like almost a seal skin texture. In all honestly, it's very much like the current sofa and love seat we currently have, except a much nicer material and color.

I think this is the chairs we got. I can't say for certain because after looking for the picture now (without any references) I can't remember. All I know is that the chairs are a really nice chocolate leather to contrast the couch. I'm almost sad because I'm positive I'll rarely get to sit in one of these babies and I'm sure my husband and father-in-law will state claim.

We're now looking into replacing our entertainment center, which we found something we really liked last week, so we're going to go back and look at it again. After that, I'll be looking into new side tables, possibly a coffee table (although frankly we've found that we rarely use one), an accent rug and some new artwork.

Oh by the way, did I mention we're redoing our living room? No? Yeah, it was kind of a surprise to me too.


11.17.2007 |

Working on Saturdays in jeans, sweatshirts, baseball hats and tennis shoes aren't all that it's chalked up to be.

I still had to get up at 6, be in at 7 and regardless of my attire, I'm still freakin' working.

Friday is here at last. Not sure why I'm happy as I will be working a full (if not longer) day tomorrow. But still, today is Friday!

Also, I made a poor shoe choice today. Although these boots look incredibly cute with my outfit (think cowboy/snow bunny), I could have pulled it off with my sneakers and been much more comfortable. I rationalized my boots with 1)it's much more cute 2)They are winter boots so I only have a few months of the year to wear them (2 if I'm lucky here in SC) and 3)I haven't worn them in ages.
I'm debating getting rid of these boots entirely and investing in a pair of shoes that I can wear more often, with more outfits and be more comfortable. And yes, of course there are boot pictures.

Weekend plans? Not really. Chris gets home from his training Atlanta tonight, I plan on trying out a new Rainbow Roasted Pepper Soup recipe on Saturday after coming in and working on our new web applications server. Sunday is football and house junk. Whee!
Where is my tiara, it's time to transform into domestic princess again.

This morning my husband heads off to watch the Panthers vs the Falcons in complimentary box seats, so what do I do? Go shopping! Unfortunatly, it wasn't at Macy's, it was just a run to WalMart. I get my pillows and mascara and other random oddities you can't pass up while walking the aisles and as I head back to my car I decided I needed to make a trip to Target. Because, honestly I love Target and I was sans-child so I was really just ready to browse totally unnecessary things and see what holiday stuff was up.

I hop in my car, drive across town (5 miles, about a 10 minutes drive) to Target and reach for my purse, which is normally stashed in my passenger seat. Which is not there. I run to the back of my car because I might have absent-mindedly tossed it in the trunk with the rest of my bags, but it's not there either. I preceed to freak out. Big time. I realized I must have left my purse in my shopping cart while unloading bags and somehow forgotten it when returning my cart to the cart-caralle. And then it really hits me. I have almost $4000.00 (yes, thousand) worth of Euros in my wallet that I was supposed to get exchanged and deposited into our account on Friday, but never did.

So, I did what any normal person would. Haul ass back to WalMart. Only, I didn't make it. I made it half way back before getting pulled over by the local police for going 80 in a 45. I pulled over immedietly, and as I was already in tears, I somehow rambled out, "please, I'll pay whatever the fine, but could you follow me to WalMart where I've left my purse in the cart with almost $4000 in my wallet". The cop followed me and we went to the WalMart customer service desk and I identified my purse. The first thing I do after they turn my purse back over is to check my wallet. Everything is there. Money, credit cards, lip balm. Ok. Whew, crisses averted.

Oh wait, I still had this cop here because well, I was totally speeding. So, as we leave WalMart, I thank him and I tell him again that I am willing to pay whatever fine there is, as I haven't had a ticket in probably 10 years and frankly to know that I got that lump of money back makes whatever I owe, worth it. Then he does something I would have never expected. Ever. He tells me "well, what do you say if I give you a seat belt ticket and a warning for the speeding, because if I were in your position, I'd be speeding, too". I'm floored, and I thank him profusely and I ask him where would I go pay this, because if it was in spartanburg county, he says I can just mail it in and I'm like, "but I work at the county so I can easily just go an pay it" and the officer just starts laughing, saying something like "this just keeps getting better". Then he turns to me and says, "how about this, how about I take your license for a second and I'll give you a warning and we'll call it done and over.

Holy schnikeys.

I managed to not only recover my $4K, reduce my 80mph in a 40mph to a $25 seatbelt ticket, but then turn around and reduce THAT to a warning.

That's it, I'm going out in torn up jeans, t-shirts and Georgia bulldog hats more often, because if it wasn't the outfit.. well hell, I don't know what it was.

At least this Friday in my office! What's better than being able to wear your favorite boots, your favorite jeans, a good cup of coffee and Work It, Mom! blogs!
Besides not having to work and being able to do above mentioned at home, in your pajamas.
But since I choose to reside in a house with electricity and running water, I suppose I need to make an income and well, honestly after the week I've had I deserve to kick my feet up.