Friday is here at last. Not sure why I'm happy as I will be working a full (if not longer) day tomorrow. But still, today is Friday!

Also, I made a poor shoe choice today. Although these boots look incredibly cute with my outfit (think cowboy/snow bunny), I could have pulled it off with my sneakers and been much more comfortable. I rationalized my boots with 1)it's much more cute 2)They are winter boots so I only have a few months of the year to wear them (2 if I'm lucky here in SC) and 3)I haven't worn them in ages.
I'm debating getting rid of these boots entirely and investing in a pair of shoes that I can wear more often, with more outfits and be more comfortable. And yes, of course there are boot pictures.

Weekend plans? Not really. Chris gets home from his training Atlanta tonight, I plan on trying out a new Rainbow Roasted Pepper Soup recipe on Saturday after coming in and working on our new web applications server. Sunday is football and house junk. Whee!
Where is my tiara, it's time to transform into domestic princess again.