So the weekend before last I was out at the football field with ole' hubby. This is usually a common occurrence for me, as I'm becoming quite football savvy. Granted, I've long been a fan but I'm getting quite good at seeing good and bad routes and analyzing my hubby's team while they play. I don't just go because I'm the League Commissioner's wife. Although it's a cool title, he gets nothing but guys whinning at him and the headaches of sorting out schedules. I am in fact a football fan. Yes, I went to my high school football games to watch the game! (okay, between making out under the bleachers) But still.

Derailed, sorry.

Anyway, the other weekend we were out on the field and one of the games just finished up and we were all hanging around talking while the next game got under way. We were talking about comedians and I mentioned that I really liked the guy who does the voice of Steve Madden.

Whoops. Where in the HELL did Steve come from? Of course, I got razzed the entire afternoon for my slip up.

Yes, I know it's John Madden. I knew it a split second after Steve came out of my mouth.
Why did I say it? I think I have the answer.

Because subconsciously I was thinking of shoes. I knew I was a girl's girl.

So, um.. all you FFPA guys out there that made fun of me that day. Yeah, well, I may have goofed on a stupid name but at least I didn't screw up running a curl route or forget how to play zone!