Every year I say I'm not going to do the whole resolution thing. Every year, I do the whole resolution thing.

So, since I've apparently waited all year to decide I wanted to act on these things, without further a due...

I now present 2008's New Year's Resolutions:
(or technically would it be 2009's since that's when I'm resolving to do it?)

To be more family & home centered
I always allow for outside interests to take over a lot of my time. Time to start making my home itself and the time my family spends in it a "big marble" in the jar of life. (more so than I am now, not that I'm neglectful or anything mind you!)

To be more active and enjoy being healthy
I hike, camp and kayak. That's active but some of those are easily considered "lazy" activities. Kayaking is hard work until you stop paddling. Camping can be rigorous, but hell, we just bought a travel trailer! And hiking, well let's just say my hiking doesn't consist of rock climbing so basically I might as well call it "walking in the woods".
I like my elliptical, I like volleyball, I like exercising. I'm already on the road to losing weight so why not try to enjoy the task a little instead of dreading it.

To do good
I'm a charitable person, I like to raise money for the March of Dimes and I have try to be active in other charitable events, but I rarely feel like I'm really doing any good. I think this year I'll find something to help feel more a part of doing something. Not sure what that will be but I will do it.

And last but not least...
To get more tattoos, to love my inner child and to generally have a good time
Those all fall under one last category which, for me, can't be ignored. I'm a big kid at heart and I shut that kid up entirely too much while at work. I am a mature, 33 (soon to be 34) year old and I can act my age. But seriously, who wants to?

PS... you gotta love blogger's Post Scheduling!

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Not too long ago I saw the movie The Bucket List and it inspired me. If you haven't seen the movie, Netflix it, rent it, whatever it is you do to watch movies, add this to your list of movies to see - it's that worth it. Basically, it's a movie about 2 guys who are diagnosed with terminal diseases and they go out and jump on their Bucket List of things they want to do before they die.

Previously, I had started a list of "99 Things I Want To Do Before I Die", after reading a post by @BuckDaddy when he posted his list. After that post I had all intentions of making my own list, I mean if he did, I could too! Well, not really. I got to 23 and was stuck ever since. I even stole a few from Buck himself! I mean, he said I could!

But as the New Year is approaching and another year seems to slip away, I've decided to make a few resolutions this year - which I've avoided the past few years. And, I've made a Bucket List of my own. I'm sure it will change as I mark things off and add new ones, but I'll try to keep it posted here. Maybe a widget of some sort, who knows.

But, come the New Year I'll not only have my Bucket List, but will hopefully be working on accomplishing a few within 2009!

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At least thevoiceofmom.com thinks I am! I forgot to mention this last week with all the chaos going on around my office!

Last week I was notified that I had won The Voice Of Mom’s National Influenza Vaccination Week Giveaway! And, just as they promised, I got my wonderful disinfecting wipes in the mail, just as promised! I love these things! Since I already have a few containers around the house I brought it into my office, because seriously, my office and the people that work in it are like a walking carrier for anything under the sun. I’m honestly surprised I’m not sick more.

But I just wanted to take a moment to thank The Voice Of Mom for hosting the Giveaway and for sending me some great stuff!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a new widget to my sidebar over there.. see, over there.. look right.. yup, right there.

My family has been involved with the March of Dimes since 2004 after I lost a daughter due to premature birth. I was 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant when I lost her and it happened so fast that now I look back and wonder how there could have anyway been some way to prevent this. And as the doctors said, there wasn’t. I lost her due to a condition called Incompetent Cervix. Basically, my cervix was too weak to hold her weight as she grew.

I gave birth to her stillborn. Saying goodbye before I could ever say hello.

After her death I felt terribly alone and I was looking everywhere to find out what happened, what I could have done differently and how I could prevent it. I was looking for someone to talk to who knew what I was feeling. Luckily, I found www.shareyourstory.org which is a site ran by the March of Dimes. The next thing I knew I was reading stories of women who were going through losses like mine, some later in their pregnancy and some earlier. I was reading of survival stories and I knew there was hope. I wrote with hope and I wrote to heal. It was the first time I really shared publicly what had happened. I updated regularly then and each year around this time of year, the anniversary of her death, I wonder if I should continue to update that blog when my sadness hits.

That was the first year I walked in the March For Babies hosted by the March of Dimes (at that time known as WalkAmerica). It’s amazing what getting involved with the March of Dimes did for me. Not only did I raise over $1000 and win the Top Family awared, but it helped me to heal and it helped me to move forward from an experience I thought I would never move on from. It made me stronger as a person.

In 2005, I couldn’t walk in the March For Babies because I was pregnant again with my son, who now is almost 3 years old. But I still did fund raising and I still tried to get involved locally. And other than that year, I’ve walked every year since.

My son was born 7 weeks early and spent 14 days in the Greenville Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I received so much support from the March of Dimes, books on prematurity, things to look for and just general support from the community through them. My son’s very first valentine card was from a local school that donated them to the NICU through the March of Dimes.

The support and research that the March of Dimes provides is invaluable to thousands of families like mine. I was honored for my family to be the Spartanburg County Local Ambassador Family (Nikkos is in red) for two years because I felt like it was in some small way, giving back to them for what they had given me.

If you are interested in helping the March of Dimes, please, join a walk in your area. If you live in the Upstate South Carolina area, please feel free to join my family team that will be walking in Spartanburg on April 25th or if you’d rather, just donate… even a dollar can make a difference.

This is my story and if by sharing it I can raise just $1 or help inform just 1 person about the March of Dimes, then I feel my job is done.

I’m positive that the only reason that kids actually get sick is to give us Mommies a little cuddle time, without the force or bribery.

My munchkin has come down with a bacterial infection, which will be his 3rd in the last 4-5 months. I’m not sure what’s going on, but we’ll be visiting the specialist to figure it out.

As much as I hate to see him running fevers, coughing and generally not feeling well, I have to admit that I relish these times. These are the only times since he’s turned 2 that I can get cuddles from him that last longer than 2.5 seconds. And it’s the good kind of cuddles, you know where he snuggles up and holds on and I didn’t even have to mention cookies or candy!

But that was Friday.

And well, today the antibiotics have kicked in and basically I’m back to bribing and forcing. But I’ll take those moments anytime I can get them.

Freezer Burns combines two loves of mine. First, my love of microwaved food. Second, my love for watching online videos.

It's a better pair than red wine and chocolate!

I can't remember exactly how I found out about it, but I'm almost positive someone posted something about it on Twitter and so of course I had to check it out. Then, I found the Freezer Burns guy on Twitter too!

So, one day (about 13 days ago from today), I send a tweet to @FreezerBurns

And then guess what I see today in my tweet-stream?

So, of course, I had to check it out! Like you can too, if you just click here!

See, this is just yet another reason why I love the internet so very much. First, I find these ridiculously fun sites where people are doing things I'd love to be doing but just didn't know I'd love to be doing it, but then when I interact with them, guess what?

They interact BACK!

FreezerBurns.com has just jumped super high on my list of sites I love.

And no, he's not sending me boxes microwave food or even his cool shirts he wears for posting this.
Again, just part of the internet I love - passing on things I love by word of mouth... er, word of keys, hmm.. word of blog? Whatever.

Go check it out!

I got this awesome tweet tonight from @tvAmy!

See, @tvAmy is a most awesome and net-savvy new anchor on our local CBS affiliate station here in the Greenville/Spartanburg area. And what she had posted on her blog was my 12second video that I made the other day about how cold it's gotten here lately.

I mean, no really. Awesome!

But seriously, I could have at least taken my sunglasses off, or maybe fluffed the hair or something? I mean, I make my "on air" looking like that? Shoot, I need to step up my game!

But hey, what can I say!

Well, most of them do. Meaning I do! Meaning I have one strand that my husband gave me when he generously took the pearls over the watch for his 5-year employee appreciation gift from his company. I have worn those pearls with practically everything! I’ve worn them to a charity black tie event, I’ve worn them to a dinner party, hell, I have made plans to wear them when I attend my graduation ceremony next June!

So, you can only imagine my teenage-girl-like-scream that I let out when I read today on Blissfully Domestic that they were doing this fabulous give-away from Pearls Of Joy! Giving away pearls!

I am by no means a pearl expert. My experience with pearls extends to the above mentions of me wearing them – and that’s about it. So, when I went to explore the Pearls Of Joy website, I was in awe of all the lovely pearl they offered!

The Tahitian Pearls caught my eye instantly. According to the website, they come from the South Seas and grown in the Black-Lipped oyster and are the only pear to achieve a black body color naturally, although they do come in gray, silver, green, blue and purple. Naturally I’m in love. Especially, with these beautiful earrings:
Seriously, how can you not just instantly fall in love? So, now if I don't win this give-away, I know what's going on my Christmas list. Although, I'm sure my husband will opt to buy me something much less expensive, much more functional and far less beautiful, I will still hope that they will magically show up in the magical little box that all girls (okay, most girls!) love to see.

Santa! Are you listening over there? Mommie wants some pearls!!

About a month ago, while I was at the beach on vacation I noticed that my ring finger , you know, the real one, where you wear those sacred bands of oppression, um er, I mean wedding bands. I'm not talking about the ever so popular middle finger where girls are wearing rings bigger than my head, but I digress…. My finger started turning red and becoming painful. It was so painful in fact that I had to stop wearing the rings all together and it was itchy and at one point even had tiny water-like blisters.

Of course, my first reaction is that I’m allergic to something, quite possibly my rings. Because I’m a semi-germ-a-phobe, I know it’s not due to something dirty like a fungus or bacteria.
It took almost 2 weeks or more for it to heal and during that time I wiped my rings and finger down with alcohol and waited another week after my finger healed before putting my rings back on. And after one day, it's started that same type of reaction, I could feel it within hours having almost an itchy, burny feeling. I felt like I should be doing some cheesy, walk on the beach, “Hey Mom, I feel kind of weird down there” commercials, only that down there is my finger and at that point, it really wouldn’t be my Mom who I’d be telling, it’d be my doctor.
Now, I’ve been wearing my rings for…. Let’s see, we were married in 2002, minus 2008.. yeah.. 6 (going on 7) years with no problems what so ever, so my initial reaction of “hey, I must have somehow instantly become allergic to metal” did seem kind of odd. But in my rational mind, which isn’t always rational, balancing the instant allergy vs. some fungus or bacteria seemed much more logical because I just don’t do fungal bacterial things.
So, normal people would call their doctor or dermatologist. Me? Not so normal. So I scour Google searching for terms like “itchy red finger” and “metal allergy” (go ahead, you know you wanna click those). And in normal Google search fashion, a thousand link clicks later, I find one that addresses the issue.
First they point out, it’s not an allergy. It really is a funky fungus. I got half way through fungus and was in denial. But I figure, try the solution, what could it hurt!
So after reading everything I thankfully realized that I’m neither the only or the first person to have this issue, so I follow the suggestions of soaking my ring in a 2-parts Vinegar and 1-part Hydrogen Peroxide mix for twenty-four hours. However, me being, well, me I decided to first clean my ring with straight vinegar and a toothbrush. Don’t worry it was my husband’s toothbrush. What? It was his old one! So I let my rings soak and during that twenty-four hour time period I cleaned my finger with the same mixture no less than 3, maybe 4, maybe 20 times. Which, by the way, in case you aren’t clued in to the obvious, using vinegar anything on any sort of flesh wound, sucks. Big time.
So twenty-four hours later, my finger is looking better, so I slide my rings back on and I wait. I was certain that in a few hours I’d be pulling my rings off again and going back to the message board where I found the so-called-solution and would be posting a hateful, “your solution sucks now my finger smell like vinegar!” type reply. And I waited. And waited.
And that was Wednesday.
My finger is fine, my ring is super sparkly (can you say BLING!) clean and in addition to curing my funky fungus finger, and I’ve found a great jewelry cleaner! It’s natural, it’s easy, it’s cheap and frankly, it’s worked better that some that I’ve bought!
Now the only question remains.. how in the hell did I get this funky fungus?! Maybe I don’t want to know.

I’m am just a few months shy of celebrating my son’s 3rd birthday and I feel as though I’ve learned a lifetime of things that I could have never even been exposed to, had I not become a mother. The saying "having a child is a life changing event" is always true, but I never took the time to see how life changing it really was for me other than the physical symptoms (you know, lack of sleep and the random bruises from toddler play).

I’ve learned that my heart can experience feelings I never imagined, from pure joy to stone cold fear and everything in between. Who would think that something so small could invoke such huge emotions? Especially in someone like myself who liked to "stop and smell the roses" but never really took time to appreciate the smell.

I’ve learned to be young again. The man or lady who is giving me the strange face while my son and I sing Jingle Bells in July while driving our pretend racecar down the aisles of Target, don’t really understand how to play without rules. It’s ok to sing Happy Birthday in the bathtub and to make silly faces at the fish in the seafood section of the grocery store.

I’ve learned that boogers happen. From the runny noses to the big green booger monsters, they happen to everyone, there’s no reason to be grossed out by them anymore. Besides, anything that my kid can eat and not cause instant projectile vomiting, I’m okay with. And yes, boogers fall into that category.

I’ve learned that I will never be the mother I thought I would be. There were times I was certain I would fail as a mother and other times I was certain I’d be Wilma Flintstone meets Jill Taylor, remember the mom from “Home Improvement”? Thankfully, neither really came true, I became my own style mother and certainly didn’t fail, at least not yet. But I’ve realized that a lot of my preconceived notions about motherhood were either false or just something that could be worked around.

I’ve learned that I can still be who I am and be a mother, cherishing both but not separating them into two different identities. Seriously, I have enough psychological issues to worry about without trying to give myself a split personality. I take great pride in being a mother, whether I am playing with my son at home, while I am in a meeting at work or while I am relaxing in a bookstore. Being a mother isn’t something I shut off and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to.

I’ve learned that I can face most anything when given the right motivation. And imagine, that little boy that yells at me, pinches me and makes me gag with diapers is that motivator. I’ve killed spiders that I typically wouldn’t have been in the same house with, let alone touched.

I’ve learned that no matter what life brings I am responsible for me and my own and that these are lessons I want to pass on to my son and that no matter what parenting guides tell you or what your friends say, each lesson learned is different for each and every mother.

I’ve learned that every moment is special and no matter how much you try to set up perfect portrait session, only to have it ruined last minute because your son thought it would be fun to try to burp and ended up throwing up on himself – it’s special! That was a memory! Or even the smallest moment when they grab you by the cheeks and whisper “I love you” can be bigger than Christmas morning.

I’ve learned that I have learned a lot in three years. And I look forward to three more and three more after that and three more after that and so on and so forth.

When sunlight travels through the atmosphere, it collides with gas molecules. These molecules scatter the light. The shorter the wavelength of light, the more it is scattered by the atmosphere. Because it has a shorter wavelength than the other colors, blue light is scattered more, ten times more than red light, for instance.

That is why the sky is blue.

Take that!

In Poor Taste

11.04.2008 |

Perez Hilton and taste being in the same sentence is almost as laughable as me telling you that I'm going to be walking down the catwalk in next year's fashion week.

But seriously, we all know he gets his hits and kicks taking digs at celebrities. And usually, I'm fine with this, I mean hell I'm subscribed to his RSS feed just for that reason.

But lately, I've noticed a trend from Dear Perez that is starting to piss me off. Instead of focusing on adults who have their image consultants and the PR people, he starts focusing on kids. Kids of celebrities may be in the limelight but they are still kids and things like this really makes me wonder what kind of low Perez will sink to. So of course, what do I do? I blog about it! Because frankly, commenting on his page seems pointless in the mess of tween comments posted by the second.

All is fair in celebrity gossip I'm sure, but leave the kids alone. At least don't blatantly try to make fun of a child, what kind of adult does that?

Seriously, I'm sick of the political talk. It's the same coming from both sides, whoever they want in the Oval Office is the best man for the job for (fill in the blank) reason and the other guy is a terrible (insert adjective here) and if he gets into office the world will end.

But in all seriousness, I'm not here to sway anyone's vote from one side to another or even to a third party. That's not my job, that's what the candidates are spending millions of dollars doing - supposedly.

All I am saying is go vote. Vote for the person you want in office. Vote for them even if you are a Democrat and they are a Republican. Vote for them if you are a Republican and you are a Democrat. Vote for them if they are a smaller party and there's not a chance in hell they win.

Vote for what you believe in, not the lesser of two evils. Vote on principal not popularity.

But whatever you do, just vote. There were times when some of us would have never had this right, so exercise your rights while you can!

There are certain days of the year that I never plan for my son to be sick. Realistically speaking, I don’t plan for him to ever be sick, but on any given day I usually cope with him being sick easily and think, “anything we couldn’t do today, we can do tomorrow”.

However, you can’t really say that on Halloween can you?
I received a call Friday afternoon from my son’s daycare, letting me know that upon waking up from his nap, my son was running a fever with a temperature of about 102 degrees. A call to my husband to see who had more on their plate and it was determined he could cut out of work to pick him up and go home with him.
On any other day, this wouldn’t faze me in the least. But today was Halloween! I thought there was this unwritten rule or some magic spell that says that kids aren’t supposed to get sick on Halloween. That goes for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter, too.
Luckily, all was not lost. At least he was able to participate in the Halloween parade at school and still partake in their Halloween party before deciding to turn into the human fireball, which, by the way, was brought on by the lovely process of his molars coming in. And luckily for him, with a good dose of Children’s Tylenol he was able to throw on his little boxing costume and hit a few houses before it got too cold.
Maybe there was a little spells being cast or answered prayers or whatever it was that allowed him to go out just to say he got to “TwikrTweet get kee-yandy”.
Which means now I’ll have to hit my elliptical that much harder because I’ll be the first to admit into dipping into the ole’ Halloween candy bowl!

I talked earlier about the geo-challenge that was presented to me and how I just couldn’t turn it down. So, even though I was on vacation at the time, I managed (last minute, nonetheless) got my Peace Luv and Travel Bug out on the road. I really didn’t prepare well, as I was planning to take some time while at the beach to get the perfect cache to drop it in and to come up with some snarky, sassy theme for my bug and then talk mad trash about everyone else on their blogs after dropping it off!

Well, as you can tell by my bug and my lack of trash talking, that all of the above just didn’t happen.

Here is what did happen. I ended up running last minute to the store to find something (anything!) to attach to my bug, running crazy to find a non-micro cache to stash it in and then practically threatening murder to get some time to actually get to the cache!

So, my start hasn’t been all that great, but I’m sure this is a perfect beginning for my little hippie bug (as it’s been called by ) to pull in some serious mileage and kick all those other bugs out of the race!

I tweet from Heather over at Home Made Mom that I've been tagged! I typically don't do blog meme's but I'm feeling a little slow this morning and this one seems fun =)

So here are the rules:
Share 7 Random things about yourself. This should be easy....
1. I have a 1/2 sleeve of butterfly and Tiger Lillie tattoos
2. I had a short stint in Roller Derby, I was Roxie Moxie
3. I never wear blush, unless someone else applies it
4. I have terrible TMJ and my biggest fear is having my jaw lock open in some random, public place
5. My family has been a March of Dimes Ambassador Family 2 years in a row
6. I played the flute in school but I always secretly wanted to play the drums
7. I think I'm and artsy-fartsy type trapped in a programmer's body.

Now, to Tag!
1. Mushi I'm Famous In My Own Mind
2. Ogres are like Onions
3. Backpacking Dad
4. Buck Rogers
5. The World According To Chris
6. Snappy Mom
7. Insane Mama

That was fun! And I'll apologize in advance for those of you that I tagged that don't do this kind of thing LOL!

I am a huge supporter of "the little guy", and those that go out to make their own businesses for the right reasons. What are those reasons? To make great products. To give great customer service. To love what you are doing it, why you are doing it and who you are doing it for.

So, with that said, I want to take a moment to share something I just recently found that I actually have fallen in love with! Last Saturday, I went downtown Greenville and found that their Main Street fresh market was going on. I had stopped by the ATM because I realized I had no cash for the parking lot but I really had no intention on buying anything. I browsed through the booths, nothing really catching my eye and I was almost to the end of the row and getting ready to turn back down the street to head to the hair salon when something grabbed my attention!

It was beautifully colored soap, homemade soap. So, I wandered over, not expecting to really like anything because I'm usually let down by pretty soap. It looks pretty but usually doesn't smell all that great. I see a label for "Mint Chocolate" and I pick up the colorful bar and give it a whiff..

Ohmygod, I could just sink my teeth right into this bar of soap and have no regrets! Although, I'm really glad I didn't because I'm positive that no matter how good this bar smelled, it was in no way going to taste good.

The rest of the soap collection was just as heavenly. The girl behind the booth had a pamphlet telling about her soap and the ingredients. That's when I officially found Peace, Love & Soap.

If you are like me, your not going to use this type of soap everyday, although God knows I could! But her soaps are great, they are beautiful and they smell like a fresh piece of deliciousness! And to top it off, you know your supporting handmade, local made, small business!

Check out her blog! All my local folks, check her out at the Market in Greenville on Saturday mornings! You will not be disappointed!

Ok, I'm sorry Buck, I know you hear those all the time, but I couldn't resist (once again). And for those of you who don't know Buck, he's got a great blog and is mucho fun to follow on Twitter!

Plus, after making this blog post he gave me the idea of making my own "99 Things To Do Before I Die"! I also have to give him credit, I've stolen a few of his things. And after reading his 99 Things, I'm pretty impressed because I've done a few things off his list and it made me feel all cool, like "wow, I did something that someone else wants to do"... other than, you know, pay my car payment on time and not show up to the first day of class in nothing but underwear.

But I digress.

So, I've started my list and actually it's a little more difficult than I thought. I mean, it's easy to randomly say at some spontaneous moment, "Hey! I want to do this before I die!" and then it's said, and it's on your imaginary list, but to actually remember those things and now put them on paper.. yeah, not so easy.

So, let's see. I've been thinking this over for about 15 minutes now, I've stolen 3 "things" from Buck and now I'm on... 6.

This might take a while.


Want to get one? Go to Handbag Planet and register!

Next to shoes, what else could I want.. for free! Besides, laser hair removal, teeth whitening and maybe some lipo.. but still!!

Down with housework (and it's side effects)Me + Housework = needs shower and makeup like STAT!

For some women, when they hear that it's football season, you get a massive groan in reply. I am definitely not one of those women. Football is the only sport I watch on a regular basis and I welcome fall, not only for the cooling weather and the beautiful change of the leaves, but for the pig skin, baby!

Funny little tidbit, related to football, in case your interested. The South is big on their SEC (South Eastern Conference) football. It's like a natural as grits, biscuits and fatback. Well, for those of you who are University of South Carolina followers, such as myself, you should know who Blake Mitchell is, right? Come, on! You know, right? He's a quarterback for the USC Gamecocks. I should say, he was a quarterback, until 2007.

Ok Ok, I'm getting to the point already!

My husband runs a flag football league (you know, the football leagues that old, has beens join and talk trash like they are right out of high school?) I love his league, it's so much fun and they have some really great guys. Well, one team captain, referred to as Hoops has turned in his roster and has boasted that his quarterback for this fall season (starting Sunday!) will be, none other than, Blake-effin'-Mitchell!

The irony to that is that Hoops himself is a huge Clemson Tigers fan. Hello rival!

Ok, back on topic here. Now. I love my football. I love my SEC. As do most, respectable Southern women, should (at least that's what my husband keeps trying to convince me of). But for those of you who find the sport boring or brutal, I'll give you one hint that will make the game much more appealing if you haven't already figured this out.

Men in tight pants, bending over every 20 seconds or so. Seriously. You'll want to watch now.

You're welcome.

I keep trying to blog about everything else, but the obvious, you know the election, the Wall Street crash, the federal reserve? Even just the topic of politics in general. But I can’t hold back any longer. And, I think that’s why some of my friends like me, I speak my mind.

First, the election, like most people I’m not happy with the candidates that we currently have to choose from. I’ve previously voted both Democrat and Republican and every time I’ve been mostly dissatisfied with my vote because regardless of who I voted for, I always had complaints and it seems the issues that I hold near and dear were never touched. So, once again I’ll vote for someone I’m not overly happy with but it will once again be either a Democrat or a Republican because, if I can speak candidly, voting for third party candidates doesn’t do crap. Now, it would if one of those third party people were more widely supported, and how I wish that were the case this year! Frankly, I would love to still vote Ron Paul, but alas, he withdrew so he won’t even be on the ballot. Maybe I should take reversevampyr’s idea and vote Cthulhu!

Enough on the election, I’ve talked about it more in that one paragraph alone than I have since JOBAMA and McPalin made their debuts. Which by the way, I did a search on twitter search and the moniker JOBAMA has been used quite a bit and I didn’t see the actual originator of the name listed on there, the ever awesome @Paisano! That’s probably why he’s not on the blasted search. The originators of all things cool never get props!

Moving on, let’s talk about this AIG bailout, as the news is calling it. The first question that popped into my head (which I find now has been repeated on the news) is, “Wow, I wonder if the Enron guys are pissed?” Sure they are! How come they didn’t get bailed out? And frankly, I’m a little pissed that my tax dollars are going to fund some company that just basically didn’t know how to practice good business. I love how the blame is going back and forth from the Democrat Congress and the Bush Administration – it’s always the fault of the other! You know, the real issue here comes down to two things: no accountability and judgment calls. Judgment calls come into play by those who decide to bail one company out and not others. There’s a ton of insider information that we as average citizens are not privy too, and that’s fine. But when tax payer dollars are used to do this, then all that insider information should be transparent to the people who are funding it, not the government, not the Feds and not Congress. It should be transparent to you and to me, it’s our wallets that are buying these companies out and have you ever looked at who AIG really is? Do a little research on them (maybe I’ll save that for another political rant in the future), it’s a little scary. So, now we have Wall Street panicking, the Dow dropping and businesses totally freaking out. No wonder people are nervous all the time!

See? This is exactly why I don’t talk about this stuff all the time. Here I am, ten minutes into a post and I’m already getting worked up. Pulse is racing, mind is going into overdrive!

Here’s the deal, at least in my eyes. There are so many things that the average person cannot control. There are so many things that the average person should not control! Let’s focus on the ones we can and start making small differences every day until we can influence the big ones. And in the meantime, try not to get your blood pressure skyrocketing over the small stuff and save it for when you really need to, it’s just not healthy.

Now you all know the answer to the question of "Why I watch Reality TV", because seriously it's not quite as real as anything else going on!

My typical weekend morning routines consists of spending 15 minutes trying to get my son into his chair to eat his “cerealmilk” and get the Doodlebops on so I can pop open the laptop and pour my coffee without dropping or wearing either.

Then RSS feed time.

Of course, the dominating stories in all my feeds are the US Presidential campaigns and even the celebrity-gossip-rags are getting involved, which makes me sad since I usually go to them for my escape (that is, when there isn’t any quality reality shows on, like My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, but we’ll talk about that another time).

I’ve posted before about my policy on politics on the Internet, so I’ll spare you. But one thing that has interested me lately is watching all the buzz on the Internet about both sides of the parties. I’ve seen supporters of JoBama (thanks @Paisano for that beautiful piece of name fun) and supporters of McPalin (yeah baby, that’s all me!) and the funny thing about both sides of the party and their supporters? They are all slinging the same mud.

*Insert candidate or party name here* isn’t in touch with real Americans!
*Insert candidate or party name here* throws the punches and then plays victims when it’s against them!
*Insert candidate or party name here* doesn’t have the moral fortitude to do the job!

Whatever the slams, they come from both sides and guess what.. none of them have substance? How about talk about specific policies and discuss facts? Or even just an opinion based on facts instead of just general observations that seriously could be applied to almost anyone that is running right now.

Geez, they’ve just announced their running mates and I’m already sick of it. That’s not a good sign for me politically, I’m usually much more perky and acidic right now! I feel a political burnout is coming on quickly this year.

As apparently, I am not qualified to give it out. For me to even be remotely qualified I would need to be at least somewhat healthy, which my doctor’s appointment this past Thursday proved that I am far from healthy. In fact, I think I can safely say that I’m quite unhealthy right now. Cholesterol is extremely high, and I’m not talking about the good kind. My thyroid is all screwy, which is strange as I’ve been on the same thyroid medication for 8 years now and have never had a problem. And apparently, I’m anemic as well.

I know I’m an over-achiever, if I’m going to be unhealthy, I might as well be really unhealthy, right?

Ok Ok.. time to change, I know. Somehow between work, school and kid, I will figure out a way.

I'm a little ashamed. There's a lot that I've been neglecting, only because I've picked up so many new hobbies, and I don't mean getting tetanus shots, although I did do that just yesterday.

Shooting my gun has become a huge thing for me. Seriously, it is the best stress reliever I've found in quite a while. Besides the fact that mentally I can picture anyone I want down at that target and mentally murder for hours on end, it really does require so much concentration that it allows my mind to slow down. Which, for me is a huge thing. My mind is is overdrive all the time hence my usual garbled blog posts and random tweets about 20 different subjects at once.

I've neglected my kayaking. My boat didn't touch water once this summer and in fact the official start of Autumn is only a month away. I've neglected my photos, which I've always neglected, so strike that off the list. I've neglected my real writing, like on Work it, Mom! and Associated Content, which is a big downer for me because I don't always like to write random musings. I've neglected hiking, although frankly I'm waiting for fall to do more of that, so that's not neglectful, it's just postponed.

Most of all I've neglected myself. I have worked out only once this week and that was the first time in months (yes, plural).

I'm going to chalk all of this neglect up to one thing. College.

See kids. College should be done in 4 years when your young and can drink heavily and still manage to make 9am classes, not when you are in your 30's and have a child. So, this is my public service announcement to stay in school.

RocketDock Review

8.18.2008 |

I tried to make my desktop a little more cool and at little more fun by installing RocketDock. It is by far very cool and very fun. However, for me it was just not a very useful tool. I though it would be fun to watch basically what is a fancy quick launch toolbar scroll through and bounce icons as I hover over them. And it was! However, where it lost me at was when trying to launch other applications while having windows maximized and realizing that I had to move my window to access the RocketDock to launch my new application.
Maybe I’m missing something but my quick launch toolbar does exactly what I need it to, sans the pretty animation, but I can access it with ease at any given time. Sorry RocketDock, maybe if it could be integrated within my windows taskbar then it may serve my purposes a little more.

I’ve been debating on whether or not to discuss politics on this blog because it usually does two things (for certain), draws lines and pisses someone off.

I’m very interested in politics and it really is a big part of my thoughts. However, I rarely discuss any of my political views online and save those discussions for in-person talks. Besides, it’s so much more fun to talk politics in person because usually you can hear thoughts unfiltered and react immediately, disagreements still occur and sometimes it gets pretty heated but I’ve never walked away from an in-person-political-discussion pissed.

On the Internet, pretty much every time politics come up I get annoyed. Not so much because people may not agree with me (yes, it’s known to happen once or twice) and not because I may not have a logical reason for believing the way I believe (yes, this has happened too). But more so, I get really pissed off with political discussions on the Internet because, well, it’s the Internet! People tend to really push and shove a lot more on the Internet than they do in real life. Being an Internet-bully is incredibly easy, if you think about it. What are the repercussions of being an asshat on the Internet? I could fill another post completely about Internet bullies, which is what I’ll do since this was supposed to be generally geared towards the topic of politics and the Internet and why I don’t get into it.

I know quite a few people who will argue, “the Internet is a great place to express your opinion” and I completely agree! I mean seriously, it’s the best venue in the world for it, and the easiest for that matter. And because *I* choose not to have a discussion or more realistically an argument about politics with people on the Internet, I am by no means telling anyone else not to discuss. Hell, please do in-fact, as I love watching the virtual tennis match of political banter flying back and forth. Some of my favorite blogs to read are more political in nature.

So, for those of you who look to have heated discussions online with friends or foes regarding their political opinions, go for it! Please invite me to be a spectator of your battle of wits and facts! Those of you who wish to know where I stand on issues, I’m more than happy to answer. If you want to debate, invite me out for some coffee or wine (oh, maybe wine isn’t the best idea, I tend to want to talk about anything but politics over wine).

So, in short. Do I post about politics. Sure, sometimes. Do I discuss politics. Yes, I love a good discussion. Do I argue politics. Yes. Just never online, I've found over the years that it's a waste of time.

I'm planning a fun weekend for myself. This Saturday is a UFC fight so while the guys watch, I'll be cooking up some homemade kahlua

This idea came after talking to my SQL instructor about his hobby of infusing alcohol (such as cherry brandy, and fruit flavored vodka) and I decided that I'd love to try some myself. But before I got into actually infusing anything, I loved his idea of homemade kahlua or irish cream.

I've found a few recipes for homemade kahlua, there are two that I'm going to try this weekend (see the link above). I'm trying both because they are different enough that I think the taste will differ quite a bit and I'm not sure which I'll like more. But, since both need to "age" for 30 days, it will be a little bit before I can have my official "taste off" and post the results.

This should be fun and interesting to say the least, and according to my instructor, once you drink homemade kahlua, you'll never buy it again.

No names will be mentioned to protect the not-so-innocent.

One of the first rules of working in a professional environment is to, say it together now, present yourself in a professional manner. This is a wonderful little tad-bit of advice coming from someone who is currently sitting at her desk in jeans and flip-flops. I am legit though, as its Friday and casual gets taken to the extreme where I work. But I digress.

The meaning of presenting yourself in a professional manner is rather vague because it really could mean anything from adorning a full suit to basically tucking your shirt in. However, there are a few items that I think should never, ever, ever be forgotten when discussing professional presentation.

For example, let’s just take a whiff of this topic shall we? Personal hygiene. And, I’m not talking about how well you style your hair or how white your teeth are, I’m talking the bare basics people. Like how you smell and how far of a radius your smell extends if you do have one. Because if you have the choice to greet someone with a smell or a handshake, I suggest you go with the latter.

Now, I’m all you lovely readers out there in reader land (read as: all one of you, yes, that one would be me), are asking yourself, is she talking about body odor or one such as someone who got a little crazy with the latest Bath & Body Works selection. I’m talking about straight up body odor. Typically, the smell that most don’t get unless they are involved in hard labor or if they just refuse to step into the shower. The first excuse being acceptable for a short period of time, the second never. Especially since in the department I work in, hard labor is not a factor.

Let’s make this very easy. If any of these sound remotely familiar, just hop your stank butt in the shower anyway just to be safe.

  • If someone in the general vicinity asks, “what’s that smell”, please take note and shower.
  • If someone walks into your office and their first reaction is to stand up straight and rub their nose, take notice, it may mean your need to shower.
  • If others in your office start randomly spraying air freshener, think about a shower.
  • If others in your office start directly spraying air freshener (at you), do a little more than just think about a shower.
  • If there has been any second of the day that you have thought you could possibly smell funky, just take the dive and jump in the shower.

Seriously, there’s nothing more unprofessional than having an odor greet your coworkers. With a little effort this would not be an issue what so ever. What you do (or don’t do) on your own time is your own business, but please, when you work in any office environment (especially those lacking adequate ventilation systems) please do us all a favor and at least shower once in a while!

There are a lot of great organizations supporting our Military, however there is one that stands out whenever I start feeling patriotic and frankly, they deserve a little of my blogtime (so that I’m not ranting on gun safety and my wardobe).

eMOM or eMail Our Military allows civilians to show their support to their troops by sending emails to the troops. Because frankly, these guys deserve some encouraging words from us here State side. I first heard about eMom on twitter and have been watching the tweets fly about them and what they are doing. Amazing stuff. Before you ask, no I haven’t been involved with eMom – I just really respect what they are doing .
So, if you get a chance, fellow ‘netters, take a second to visit their webpage and if your feeling frisky how about register and send a solider some caring words?
By the way did I mention you can get to their page by going to http://www.emailourmilitary.com/index.html ? Now.. go!!

It is a beautiful morning. Not literally, as it's pretty foggy outside and there's a chance of rain, but any day that you can sleep in until 8a.m. in this house - it's a beautiful morning!
Coffee is brewing and if it weren't for being congested (sinus infection I think), it would be perfect.

This afternoon I'm going to be making a quick run down to Columbia to visit my mom. I haven't really posted about it in here yet because I was really hoping to post more about the outcome, but then I started thinking to myself that it might be a good idea to post about the process as well. Last Tuesday my mother checked into Three Rivers Behavioral Health for her alcoholism. I've talked to her on the phone once and even though it's extremely difficult for her, she's still staying very positive and has a great outlook for her to come out and continue not drinking. She's just getting out of the detox stage right now which was rough - terrible headaches and pretty high blood pressure. The blood pressure things scares her to no end because of her stroke she had. But she's doing well physically and mentally. We'll see. I still am hesitant to get my hopes up too high as there is just so much temptation when she gets home, my uncle, my brother and just the habit of drinking for 30+ years. But I'm still extremely happy that she's even come to the point where she's admitted to having a drinking problem let alone taking action to help herself for it.

So, I'll make the trek down to visit for a an hour after the hubby gets done with football, I think she needs that support.

I'd like to say thank you to all friends who sent me wonderful emails asking me not to die, honestly at one point, that was an actual goal of mine (or at least the threat of death felt real enough that I thought maybe I should be concerned). But, I beat it, whatever it was. When I returned to my doctor's office on Friday he said something that I'm glad he said, "you aren't supposed to get worse after seeing me, so apparently I didn't do my job well enough" to which I could only reply, "hey, you said it, not me!" But we both determined that I probably came in a little early too as my symptoms when I first came in was no indication that I was going to blow up into full blown tonsillitis and double ear infection which only led me to coughing dry coughs until I tore a chunk (ok, ok, really small, but it felt huge) of my throat which I coughed up one night and going through a near coma with fevers as high as 105 degrees.

So, I got 4 shots in the hips. People usually say butt, but these were no where near my butt, That 2nd shot was a bitch! While pregnant I had to get steroid shots for Nikk when I was in pre-term labor and I remember equating it to having peanut butter trying to go through my skin. Well, it was pretty much like that all over again. But, the shots helped and I feel totally apart of the human race again, so I really won't complain too much.

But since the whole sick thing took me out of commission for almost a full week I'm having to play a lot of catch up with work and school. I finished up my research paper for my criminology class yesterday, I'll probably do a few finishing touches throughout the week and then turn it in next week before finals. And, I've found a little motivator for potty training Nikk with stickers, so he's gone twice just this morning. Although, at the moment while I'm typing this he's throwing a small temper tantrum because I won't give him the entire book of stickers.

So, time to get off this computer and get moving....

So, yesterday I went to my doctor to find out that I had, well, the unknown. The first night of my fun sounded like the bug that was going around lately but he wasn't sure why I was still running a fever or why my throat feels like barbed wire coated in sandpaper. Of course, with any symptom like that his first thought was strep. He didn't test, but only because when he took a peak (which I'm sure wasn't pretty), it didn't look like strep. However, today, I'm starting to think maybe I should have pushed for a swap test.

Anyway, last night about 9:30ish I started to feel better, my fever broke and I got to sweat for the first time in a few days, which compared to feeling like an internal inferno was really nice. I was planning to go back to work and all this morning when....

I woke up.

Yeah, fever like all get out. This whole sick thing has really taken away from a few great things this week, such as I bought my first firearm and Nikk moved up to 2k in his daycare/preschool!

I will most definitely talk about these things later, but for now I want to drink my orange juice (i love the flavor but its' shredding my throat) and I must sleep.

By the way, not gotten any homework done this week, 2 papers due within the month. 3 projects in progress at work and my manager is out for vacation this week leaving our office empty, oh-my-god can I just get a little more stressed, please?

For the first time in Nikk's life, he peed in the potty! Like literally 10 minutes ago! 9:05 on Thursday June 19th, 2008

He said something itched in his diaper so when I took it off to check, he ran away. He does that a lot, no biggie, but when Chris told him he had to put a diaper on because he'd pee pee on the carpet, he said pee pee, and ran to the bathroom. Chris went in and sat him on his potty seat, expecting the usual 2 seconds of nothing and then he says "all done! wash hands!", but this time, he peed!

I ran over when Chris started saying "YEAH! PEE PEE IN THE POTTY!" and I was so excited to see him peeing....... I practically fainted again. I fell back into the door and caught myself on my ass (good thing I have some cushion back there!)

So yeah.. pee pee in the potty! Woohoo!
(I won't get too excited as I'm sure it'll be awhile before he does it again)

So, I totally fainted at lunch today.
About and hour before that my co-worker and I gave blood on the blood-mobile or whatever it's called. You know, it's the bus that travels from place to place to collect blood. So, it's like a good thing to do and I've given in the past with no problems so we figured, "Hey! Let's donate!". So, I donate and as I'm waiting for my co-worker to get done I'm all normal feeling. No problem-o! We call up a lunch buddy of ours and we all meet up at Burger King on Asheville Highway. Both my co-worker and I were feeling pretty chilly after donating blood, being (as he says) 1-quart low and the bus was highly air conditioned, we didn't really think anything about it. So, I suggest we sit in the outdoor area and eat, the heat was low today and I was really looking to warm up. So, outside we sit.

I make it through lunch and about 10 minutes before we leave I start feeling slightly light headed. At that point the only thing I remember was saying that I felt dizzy and I that I thought I was going to faint. And yup, that's exactly what I did! The next thing I know, I'm hearing strange voices and people are asking me if I'm ok. I felt like I was about to puke and then everything started to become less fuzzy. Some delivery guy who was there got a towel for me and a few orange juices later I was was feeling quite a bit better. Apparently I was looking better because a few people who came to help kept commenting that my color in my face looked a lot better. Still a little wobbly on my feet, we went back to work and on our way back into the building it almost happened again. I think I sat down fast enough to stop it but from that point on I just felt completely light-headed almost for the next hour. A security guard at work who chills out in the tech area a lot noticed that my color was going from my face again as I sat in one of the tech desks and by the time he got me to lay on the floor, everything was going black again. He had my feet up and all of a sudden I felt almost 100%. My co-worker went back up to the blood-mobile and got 2 nurses to come down and my blood pressure checked out okay. Chris came to pick me up and take me home and I've been drained and kind of woozy all afternoon.

I owe a big thanks to my co-worker and our lunch buddy. My co-worker saved me from a broken head (apparently he caught me as I fainted and kept me from falling backwards to the concrete) and our lunch buddy helped get me some drinks and helped me walk back inside.

Here's a tip for anyone giving blood. EAT BREAKFAST! I realized after the fact that I hadn't eaten breakfast before donating. You'll save yourself major drama in the BK if you do!

I had one of those life learning things happen today.
I stayed after work to attend the monthly County Council meeting, where they you know, make ordinances and stuff. I was particularly interested in this meeting because it was the 3rd and final reading of the budget which could mean a 2% cost of living raise and possibly another increase in pay depending on the results of the "Compensation and Classification Study" that went on last year. I'll have to read more about it to figure out what's going to happen.

But what happened was something much more than just that. While sitting there listening to them pass ordinances and discuss motions made it made me realize, this is my County, my government in action. Everyone in the whole damn County should be sitting in on these but yet the room was not even half full. So, I urge you, if you have any concern about your local government or how your city is being ran, sit in on one of your County or City Counsel meetings.

I work for the local County Administrative Offices. I've never been to an actual County Council meeting. Today, that will change.

How bad could it be right?

I think I’m finally hitting my online social media limit. It’s totally affected my quality of blogs and the frequency in which I post.
First it was Myspace, which, I rarely log onto anymore but keep around because I have a bunch of old high school buddies as friends on it and I would hate to lose complete contact with them again.
Then there is Facebook, on which, again I have some high school friends. However, I haven’t logged onto Facebook in forever and killing this account really wouldn’t hurt my feelings.
More to my current liking is Twitter. I use it frequently (or as frequently as I can remember) and some of it’s sister-social-media-sites like Twitterfone and Brightkite. Brightkite I’m liking a lot but it’s not so much a social-media sight but more of a tracker. Which none of my friends use so unless I’m really excited about where my Twitterfriends are, it’s of little to no use for me.
In addition to that, I have this blog and my personal journal. These are the two main things that have been taking a hit from my expanded online-social media expansion. So, I think I’m going to really knock it down a level. I’ll continue to update Twitter regularly, Myspace frequently and the rest will just take a backseat.

What can I say, I’m an online-social-butterfly!

Today at lunch, my co-worker/friend and I decided to visit a cigar shop around the corner from us. I’m a novice at smoking cigars but I’ve always been fascinated by them. I love their smell and the few I’ve smoked have been really relaxing and enjoyable. Except for the one I was smoking while completely wasted at a bar shooting pool. I don’t remember much of that one. But I digress.


We went to C. Edward Cigars which is literally right down the street from where I work. I was a little nervous going in at first because I’m such a novice at cigars and to make matters worse, right when I walked in my e-mail alert went off and it was a pesky person I’d been working with and they were being all snarky to me in e-mail. When you first enter the main area, I didn’t realize what all was to this wonderful downtown building. We walked directly over to their humidor and started nosing around. Shortly the gentleman who works there (which now I have totally forgotten his name) came in and asked if we needed any help. Um, YES! I told him I was looking for a mild cigar and he pointed me in the right direction. He told us all about the cigars they had and answered all of our Cigar 101 questions. Quite hospitable!


On his suggestion I opted for a Montesino. I’m not exactly sure which one I got but I’m thinking it’s the Diplomatico from the sizing. From my understanding it should have good flavor and should be mild and for the price of $4.00, who could beat that! I also picked up a cutter since, well I don’t have one.


When we got done picking out our ‘gars we headed to the cash register which is located behind their little bar. At the bar sat a gentleman who commented on the cigar cutter I had chosen, apparently they have free ones lying on the bar of the same brand and it’s very good. I’m glad I’m picking out good gear already! We found out that this guy is in there every week day on his lunch break and until he gets ran out on the weekends. He was sitting at the bar enjoying a cigar and a coke. At the bar they sell beer and wine and are waiting on their full liquor license. The inside was very comfortable. The bar was small but they had plenty of overstuffed leather chairs everywhere to sit. We got the tour of the joint and found out that on the side room there is a TV room with more overstuffed leather chairs, there’s a coffee bar and then (what really caught my liking) was an outside sitting area that is located in the alleyway out back, however this is no alleyway! It’s very.. urban tropical? There were plants everywhere, tables with umbrellas and wicker chairs in the back to just relax. I can envision myself sitting back there on a summer evening enjoying (hopefully) a good cigar and a glass of wine. Maybe that’s because I can envision the exact same thing on my back deck? Who knows. Anyway, the place looked like it could be really relaxing to go with a few friends for a few drinks and some stogies!


As for my Montesino I’m saving it to enjoy on my backpacking trip coming up in June. I’ll be sure to gush or rant all about it! So those of you who care about cigar reviews from a complete cigar novice, stay tuned!

I just had a moment where I felt like my whole world would come to an end if my pack of Keebler Fudge Shoppe Mini Fudge Stripes didn't get un-stuck inside the vending machine.


That must have been what cause my endorphins to kick in and knock the ever living crap out of the machine until it eventually fell.


Seriously, don't mess with a chick who has a chocolate craving.

GorillaSushi posted this originally and I found it too good to pass up!

Hello Gas Buddy!

5.05.2008 |

I do consider myself technically savvy. I consider myself very internet savvy. However, in light of both of those things I still find myself getting links from people that I have to sit and scratch my head wondering, "Why have I not ever seen this before??"

Like Gas Buddy

Seriously, the whole time I've been clicking pictures away I should have been uploading them to Gas Buddy!

CBS blows

4.28.2008 |

I have beef to pick with CBS and the producers of Big Brother. I finally got around watching the season finale of Big Brother last night and talk about a waste of DVR space! Seriously, they fit the finale and what they called the reunion all into 1 hour and spent at least 10-15 of that recapping the entire season. We saw the season you morons, we wanted more!

They asked the dumbest questions to the jury, they didn’t even speak with everyone. And as for the reunion, they let 2 of the most boring Big Brother players on earth talk about each other. Seriously, where was Alex or Amanda or Parker in there?
And for the “Jury Prize”, that was such a cop out, they just wanted James to win something so bad they had to rig a prize for him. I know the audience was voting, but I'm sure it was still rigged.

Regardless, this really was such a lackluster finale, I can't even put that in the "finale" category, it was like a boring episode of past recaps and then 2 minutes to announce the winner. Did we even really get to hear Ryan or Adam speak? Nope.

Come on CBS, what a let down.

My New Pet Peeve

4.22.2008 |

Finding a new toilet paper roll sitting on top of the empty toilet paper roll, still on the toilet paper roll holder.

Seriously, how hard is it to take the empty roll off and toss it 3 feet in front of you into the trash can and replace it with the new roll that is sitting right above the toilet? It's not like it's going to take a trek through the Tetons!

Today, I have had to change two rolls of toilet paper in this situation. We only have two bathrooms, my odds aren't good.

So, I have 5 courses plus my senior seminar and senior exam to finally wrap up my bachelors degree. I started going to school in 1996, taking night classes. I stopped shortly after moving to the Upstate in 2000 and received my Associates degree in January of 2003. So, today I contacted my adviser to try and get signed up for a class this summer semester and to figure out which classes I should take to fill my program. He had told me previously that he could reactivate me without changing my program, even though the actual Criminology program has changed since I last attended classes.

Then today he drops the bomb on me. In order for my program not to be changed, I have to take 2 classes per semester and graduate by December of this year. Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely love to graduate by December. But 2 classes per semester? That makes me slightly nervous because it's not like I don't already have a pretty full plate.

So, I emailed him back asking if the program changed, how drastically would effect what I already have done. If it's not significant, I may just say screw it and take 1 class per semester and possibly have to take more classes. I have a 3.75GPA right now and I'm kinda nervous if I overwhelm myself that I may screw that up.
However, if he says it'll really screw me over then.... I'll be busy until December!


Hi, my name is Rosco the Boston Terrier. I can't wait to go home with my Mommy (the most awesome mommy a dog could have) in a few weeks. I'm still not old enough to leave my doggy-mommy yet but I will be soon!
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As a subscriber to Lifehacker, I’ve seen a bazillion articles on “Getting Things Done” and David Allen. For the first 9 gazillion times I saw it, I glanced, I saw a few tips and then I moved on.

Side note: 10 gazillion = 1 bazillion.
This in itself is weird because I’m a huge organizational/productivity buff. But I suppose I look down my nose on those big timers who try to tell me how I can make my life more productive when said big timers don’t know squat about what I do in my life. Well, today I held my nose as I clicked on a few links and realized that I was a super-ginormous idiot for not actually paying more attention to begin with. I must interject here and say that I still don’t like the huge “getting things done” phenomenon (I’m a grass roots/DIY kinda gal), but now at least I can understand why it’s happening. Minus the expensive gadetry that you could find/download/make yourself, there are some very practical theories in there!

If all the mumbo-jumbo of GTD (getting things done) just bores you, at least get this one gem of knowledge from Scott Hanselman's blog who implements some of the GTD type organization.
And if your an asp.net junkie as I am, you'll love his blog anyway!

If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, we shall never begin.

- Ivan Turgenev, novelist, poet, playwright

If I had only seen this quote before, I could have associated it with so many things in my life.

4.08.2008 |

Remember the last gas post? This one beats it!

Jonna -- from my Q --



My cherry blossom tree has really exploded with blossoms over the last week. This is the first year that it's bloomed so beautiful.
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My gas

4.01.2008 |

Highest i have paid in a year.

Jonna -- from my Q --

Someone must have listened to my pleas and prayers yesterday because my son slept like a baby (which is a total oxymoron) last night and in turn, so did I.

It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for ones perspective (and personality).

I remember like it was just yesterday, when my son would keep me up throughout the night and I wished and prayed (and voodooed and cursed) that he would just sleep through the night just once. That day came and I've never had to look back. Until last night. Apparently, my son's internal clock went off at 12:34am and he was up with screams more violent than those from a horror movie, he let me know that he was not happy. So, like every good mother I covered my head and tried convincing myself that I was dreaming.

But the guilt got the better of me.

So up I hop to go cuddle and rock my little 2 year old boy, who upon entering the room somehow transformed into the most vapid, angry little thing I have ever seen. Sleeping was not what he wanted to do and he didn't want anyone within ear shot to do it either.

4:15 rolls around and I find myself downstairs on the couch with little angry thing laying on me softly snoozing. It was a blur of sleepy in's and out's before then. I remember walking downstairs after trying for hours to comfort him in the rocking chair. Or was that before or after taking him to our bedroom only to have little feet kick me in every spot imaginable while hearing a small voice ring out "no sleep mommy" just before getting slapped in the nose.

I pulled the blanket up over us both and at 6am he was wide awake and mad as hell. Or was that me? Yeah, we both were. I think I cried almost as much as he did. What possessed him not to sleep? I called his grandfather to see how he did today and he only took a 40 minute nap this afternoon.

Why am I so afraid to go home and face the possibility that I may go through this again tonight. It's like a night terror that is more frightening to think about than to actually experience, it's the anticipation of the agony that may or may not arrive at any given moment.

It's the lack of sleep that causes me to be so ridiculously dramatic. Is it still considered bad form to add a little Crown Royal to the bottle?

I Am America (too!)

3.23.2008 |

A friend recommended Stephen Colbert's I Am America (And so can you!). I'm about a third of my way into the book and I have to admit, I'm very happy I pushed it forward in my reading rotation ahead of a few Ann Rule books and my Fashion-ista book.

It's a Jonna recommended read even if you don't agree with his opinion you will at least laugh while reading it.

I don't talk to my husband, my mother or my best friend while in the bathroom but for some reason a woman here at work think that it's a great place to call about homes for rent and other personal calls, instead of going somewhere like oh, say, the breakroom or any of the numerous vacant halls we have in the building. Twice today I went into the bathroom to go pee (out of the 9 times I went! I'm trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but that's another story) and this same lady was in there yapping on her cell phone to some rental company about a few houses for rent that she saw.

No matter the toilets flushing or people trying to use the restroom. I don't get it, I couldn't do it. Maybe I'm overly picky but I just think that is in total bad taste.

It's officially started. I'm looking to buy a new mattress and I'm on the prowl. I'm not looking to score the biggest of the herd, I just want a good quality kill. Wait, am I still talking about mattresses?

I am honestly shocked at the variety of mattresses offered. I mean, hello.. mattress, how many different types could there be? Apparently, a lot.

You've got the sleep number, the tempurpedic, the coil, the pillow top, the memory foam top, the list I'm sure could go on and on.

As of right now, I haven't narrowed my selection down to any name brand or type yet but I can say this much, as long as there isn't a one-and-a-half foot divot which keeps me locked into 2 positions all night.. I want it!

I've just been:
- having surgery
- formatting and upgrading my laptop at work
- taking 2 days to get a good image of said laptop

But now I'm done with all of that.

It's all about Fridays, Starbucks, Big Brother updates, listening to my favorite playlist and Twitter!

I'm not as totally un-self-serving, dedicating all of my time towards others, never have time for me, as this may sound. But, there are times when, even though we may have regular little "me times" that we work into our day, we just want to do something really out of the norm and something just totally for... ME! (or YOU! in your case) And we all deserve these times, because without them we just go through the motions of each day and would probably serve better just being a robot. (However, don’t tell my husband this or he’ll cut me off from all of my “fun time” in hopes that I would be assimilated into a subservient machine by which he could program his evil plans into. But that in itself is a whole different issue!)

This all hit me as I was driving to work the other morning, listening to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie," which is not unusual for me because I love her music. I’m sure we all have that artist or song that just brightens the whole day up. The one that when you are driving, or riding to work you can’t help but bounce a little to the beat, or in my case get a full on in-the-seat-dance going on. It makes for an interesting scene, I have many people who look over into my car wondering if they should call a paramedic until they realize that I’m singing along to music, not in an epileptic seizure.

Then it hit me like a Mack truck! (Well, actually I had gotten a little too much into Shakira and almost hit the Mack truck, but I meant tjat more figuratively.) So, I picked up my cell phone and called my husband and screamed, "I AM GOING TO TAKE SALSA LESSONS!”

Um. No honey, I know how to make salsa. I mean the dance. You know, the forbidden dance? Thank you for the buzz kill. Good-bye. Men!

So promptly after settling in at my desk at work, I hit the Internet full force, trying to find a dance studio that offers adult salsa dance lessons, otherwise known as “using my work time productively.” Although I found quite a few places that did dance lessons for kids, I’ve had a difficult time finding a place that does adult dance and salsa. I can find studios that do adult ballet, tap, and jazz, or I can find studios that do kids Latin dance. And although I did equate my dancing skills to that of a kid, I’m pretty sure my rather chunky butt would look mighty funny in a little pink tutu next to the 6-year-olds -- and they would definitely out dance me.

I have yet to find a place to take my spicy, forbidden dance lessons at, and the outlook isn’t so good. But that’s not the point of this. The moral of this story is: Stop rehashing the same old routine that used to be fun and find something that excites you! Even if it only last for a week, or one lesson, try something new, get yourself out of the rut and experiment with something that may make you a little uncomfortable, because every now and again we just need to get our blood flowing!

Surgery is scheduled for March 11th. Operation Girlie-Parts is a go!
I should come out of this with a like-new Uterus.
Minus new car smell.

Girly Surgery

2.18.2008 |

So, I've been having some girlie issues for quite a while. Finally found out what was going on today. I have a polyp in/on my uterus. Unlike in your colon or lower GI track, polyps are somewhat common in younger folks (because I'm young, yall!) and usually aren't thought of as serious unless your in your 60's plus. So, the great news is that there is in fact a reason why I'm having girlie issues, which I won't go into detail here about. You're welcome

Of course, there's a downside.

To remove the polyp I have to basically have an abortion. Minus the whole aborting a baby. But they do preform a D&C, which I'm not looking forward to. However, if it will end the uterus nightmare I've been going through, I'm all for it.

So, we'll schedule the D&C tomorrow and hopefully I can get it scheduled on a Wednesday so I have a good 4 days to recover.

For a Reality Show fanatic, such as myself, this whole writer's strike just isn't affecting me. In fact, its only feeding my reality show addiction.

Last Thursday night, CBS started Survivor: Fans vs Favorites. I can already tell you this much, Johnny Fairplay is played out! Bye Bye Sucka!

Tomorrow night the new season of Big Brother starts and frankly, I can't get enough of it! The real question that lingers, do I subscribe to Big Brother's Live Feed and totally turn into a hermit of voyerism or do I just read the live feed updates on all the spoiler sites.

Decisions. Decisions.

Since 2004 my husband and I have been involved with the March of Dimes. That year we lost a daughter due to premature labor and in 2006 my son was born 7 1/2 weeks premature. During both of those times the March of Dimes gave us some much needed support and through their funding, much needed medical technology to help my son come into this world healthy.

So, take a moment if you will and check out the March of Dimes "March For Babies" events that are going to be coming up in cities near you, all over the US! Get involved! Walk, raise money or just volunteer to help at the event!

Or help my family team reach our goal of $500.00 by donating here:click here

Whatever you do, realize that your help goes directly towards helping families like mine who, without the support and funds of the March of Dimes may not have the joys in their lives, as we do now.

I have been on a search for a good resource for downloading (legally, of course!) MP3's and I had all but given up hope. I had tried iTunes and got more annoyed by the format. Which, at the time would not play on my old MP3 player (then I smartened up some and got my Sansa e260). I also didn't like the big, bulky program it installed on my machine. Then, I tried Rhapsody. Pretty much the same thing.

So, when I decided to try Amazon, I wasn't really holding my breath for anything wonderful. However, I was delightfully surprised how easy it was, all with no crazy software that was a huge resource hog.

All the music is imported either into iTunes or Windows Media Player.

So, check it out!

I speculate that next week will be much better than this one. I won't be in training, I won't have a deadline to meet, I won't be PMS'ing and I'll be back at work in some really cute shoes.

Because everyone knows shoes makes the day!


1.14.2008 |

So I am in the process of going through my book collection and updating my BookCrossing account. Please don't hold my reading collection against me, I am by far not a sophisticated reader and my collection totally reflects that. For that matter, if you were to judge me by my book collection I'm sure someone might say that I was either homocidal or very hungry - or maybe a little of both.

However, while doing this I realized that I don't really read a lot of the mainstream books. I don't own one Harry Potter book. The closest I think I have gotten is with my Dean Koontz Odd Thomas series, which by the way is awesome and probably the only fictional books I've enjoyed in quite a while.

I think I may spend some time purusing some books this weekend in an effort to expand my reading horizons.

As if his golfing career were hurting or his endorsements stopped and he went into the therapy business counseling neurotic mothers.

Not quite. But his Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 game for the Wii is therapy enough.

I'm not a push person who blogs only about products that I want to force on you. In fact, I have started trying to stay away from naming products on my blog specifically due to the fact that I don't want to be that push product pusher.

However, I can't help myself here.

Usually reading or watching TV is a de-stresser for me, that is until Tiger came into my life. I've never golfed in my life, in fact I've never so much as stepped foot on a driving range. I did drive the cart for one of my friends while he golfed but that entailed much more alcohol consumption than actual golfing and I don't even remember getting out of the cart once during the entire course.

But I digress.

So, a few months ago my Dad introduced me to the Tiger Wood's golf game on the Wii. It really was a lot of fun but since my Dad had the game I really couldn't play much and it was really quick games in between family functions. But after getting a great gift card this Christmas I went out and bought my own Tiger Woods game for our Wii and sat down last night and created my character. Of course, she's slightly slimmer in the waist, a little beefier in the arms and has a crystal clear complexion, but hey, she's almost identical to me!

After getting my cute outfit all set on my new golf goddess, I set forth out to play the Sawgrass course. I rocked it! Not only was it fun but by the end of it, I had totally relaxed and although getting worked up over a few bad shots, I really felt better than I had all day long - which says a lot considering at one point I had mentioned to a co-worker the ease of hari-kari.

You know, if golf weren't so damn expensive, I might actually take it up. Besides, I look really cute in golf shoes.