I have been on a search for a good resource for downloading (legally, of course!) MP3's and I had all but given up hope. I had tried iTunes and got more annoyed by the format. Which, at the time would not play on my old MP3 player (then I smartened up some and got my Sansa e260). I also didn't like the big, bulky program it installed on my machine. Then, I tried Rhapsody. Pretty much the same thing.

So, when I decided to try Amazon, I wasn't really holding my breath for anything wonderful. However, I was delightfully surprised how easy it was, all with no crazy software that was a huge resource hog.

All the music is imported either into iTunes or Windows Media Player.

So, check it out!

I speculate that next week will be much better than this one. I won't be in training, I won't have a deadline to meet, I won't be PMS'ing and I'll be back at work in some really cute shoes.

Because everyone knows shoes makes the day!


1.14.2008 |

So I am in the process of going through my book collection and updating my BookCrossing account. Please don't hold my reading collection against me, I am by far not a sophisticated reader and my collection totally reflects that. For that matter, if you were to judge me by my book collection I'm sure someone might say that I was either homocidal or very hungry - or maybe a little of both.

However, while doing this I realized that I don't really read a lot of the mainstream books. I don't own one Harry Potter book. The closest I think I have gotten is with my Dean Koontz Odd Thomas series, which by the way is awesome and probably the only fictional books I've enjoyed in quite a while.

I think I may spend some time purusing some books this weekend in an effort to expand my reading horizons.

As if his golfing career were hurting or his endorsements stopped and he went into the therapy business counseling neurotic mothers.

Not quite. But his Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 game for the Wii is therapy enough.

I'm not a push person who blogs only about products that I want to force on you. In fact, I have started trying to stay away from naming products on my blog specifically due to the fact that I don't want to be that push product pusher.

However, I can't help myself here.

Usually reading or watching TV is a de-stresser for me, that is until Tiger came into my life. I've never golfed in my life, in fact I've never so much as stepped foot on a driving range. I did drive the cart for one of my friends while he golfed but that entailed much more alcohol consumption than actual golfing and I don't even remember getting out of the cart once during the entire course.

But I digress.

So, a few months ago my Dad introduced me to the Tiger Wood's golf game on the Wii. It really was a lot of fun but since my Dad had the game I really couldn't play much and it was really quick games in between family functions. But after getting a great gift card this Christmas I went out and bought my own Tiger Woods game for our Wii and sat down last night and created my character. Of course, she's slightly slimmer in the waist, a little beefier in the arms and has a crystal clear complexion, but hey, she's almost identical to me!

After getting my cute outfit all set on my new golf goddess, I set forth out to play the Sawgrass course. I rocked it! Not only was it fun but by the end of it, I had totally relaxed and although getting worked up over a few bad shots, I really felt better than I had all day long - which says a lot considering at one point I had mentioned to a co-worker the ease of hari-kari.

You know, if golf weren't so damn expensive, I might actually take it up. Besides, I look really cute in golf shoes.

Primaries are in full effect and as much as I thrive on politics, I’m already sick of it because I know there is still 10 months until the election. That means it’s 10 months of politics shoved down my throat. 10 months of the right bashing the left, the left bashing the right and candidates saying what they think we want to hear instead of what they really plan on doing.

So, where do I stand? I’m not sure yet but I better start getting more informed as the South Carolina primaries will be here in just a few weeks.

If I had to vote Republican, I like Ron Paul or Fred Thompson. But I have the feeling we’ll end up with McCain or Romney. Out of the two of them I’m not sure who I would really vote for.

If I had to vote Democrat, I’m looking at Edwards or Obama. Wow, I’m going to get bashed for that from my die-hard-right friends.

Since I’m going to have to choose which Primary I vote in, I suppose I need to get to reading. I’ll be posting more on this later!

Glad you asked! I'm not sure how this is relevant to anything other than the fact that I carry around probably less than the typical girl!

But have at it!

Congress has passed a ban on incandescent light bulbs to take effect in 2014. Yes, that's right, your cheap 50-cent light bulbs will be against the law and you will be forced to use the 3-dollar energy efficient lights.

Before anyone jumps down my throat of being mean to mother earth, let me just say this... I pull my weight when it comes to trying to reduce, reuse and recycle so chill.

But to have Congress ban the lightbulb and force Americans to use a certain product in their home which the private citizen themselves pays for seem ridiculous! Or is it just me?

Can you say INTRUSIVE?

I've read that Congress is taking active consideration into banning top loading washing machines and disposable diapers.

Wow, when is it going to stop? Are we going to get fined for leaving our blinds open in the summer, you know that causes the A/C to work harder thus using more energy? Are we going to ban gasoline running yard equipment like lawn mowers and weed whackers?

I'm all for being enviromentally friendly and I think there shoudl be steps to reduce the use of these items, but to outright ban items that we (private citizens) pay for with our own money is just ridiculous. Let us make our own decisions.

Congress, thank you for dropping by, no kindly get out of my house.