I have been on a search for a good resource for downloading (legally, of course!) MP3's and I had all but given up hope. I had tried iTunes and got more annoyed by the format. Which, at the time would not play on my old MP3 player (then I smartened up some and got my Sansa e260). I also didn't like the big, bulky program it installed on my machine. Then, I tried Rhapsody. Pretty much the same thing.

So, when I decided to try Amazon, I wasn't really holding my breath for anything wonderful. However, I was delightfully surprised how easy it was, all with no crazy software that was a huge resource hog.

All the music is imported either into iTunes or Windows Media Player.

So, check it out!


Chris said...

Yeah, I pretty much had the same experience. I'm stoked about the Amazon "factor". The MP3's download effortlessly and they are auto imported.... I really think this is the best solution around right now. YAY for us. LOL

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