1.14.2008 |

So I am in the process of going through my book collection and updating my BookCrossing account. Please don't hold my reading collection against me, I am by far not a sophisticated reader and my collection totally reflects that. For that matter, if you were to judge me by my book collection I'm sure someone might say that I was either homocidal or very hungry - or maybe a little of both.

However, while doing this I realized that I don't really read a lot of the mainstream books. I don't own one Harry Potter book. The closest I think I have gotten is with my Dean Koontz Odd Thomas series, which by the way is awesome and probably the only fictional books I've enjoyed in quite a while.

I think I may spend some time purusing some books this weekend in an effort to expand my reading horizons.


Chris said...

Look, just b/c you read the pop-up books doesn't make you a bad person. Maybe a slow person but not bad. LOL Just least you don't have to read the "read along" books. lol

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