Primaries are in full effect and as much as I thrive on politics, I’m already sick of it because I know there is still 10 months until the election. That means it’s 10 months of politics shoved down my throat. 10 months of the right bashing the left, the left bashing the right and candidates saying what they think we want to hear instead of what they really plan on doing.

So, where do I stand? I’m not sure yet but I better start getting more informed as the South Carolina primaries will be here in just a few weeks.

If I had to vote Republican, I like Ron Paul or Fred Thompson. But I have the feeling we’ll end up with McCain or Romney. Out of the two of them I’m not sure who I would really vote for.

If I had to vote Democrat, I’m looking at Edwards or Obama. Wow, I’m going to get bashed for that from my die-hard-right friends.

Since I’m going to have to choose which Primary I vote in, I suppose I need to get to reading. I’ll be posting more on this later!