As if his golfing career were hurting or his endorsements stopped and he went into the therapy business counseling neurotic mothers.

Not quite. But his Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 game for the Wii is therapy enough.

I'm not a push person who blogs only about products that I want to force on you. In fact, I have started trying to stay away from naming products on my blog specifically due to the fact that I don't want to be that push product pusher.

However, I can't help myself here.

Usually reading or watching TV is a de-stresser for me, that is until Tiger came into my life. I've never golfed in my life, in fact I've never so much as stepped foot on a driving range. I did drive the cart for one of my friends while he golfed but that entailed much more alcohol consumption than actual golfing and I don't even remember getting out of the cart once during the entire course.

But I digress.

So, a few months ago my Dad introduced me to the Tiger Wood's golf game on the Wii. It really was a lot of fun but since my Dad had the game I really couldn't play much and it was really quick games in between family functions. But after getting a great gift card this Christmas I went out and bought my own Tiger Woods game for our Wii and sat down last night and created my character. Of course, she's slightly slimmer in the waist, a little beefier in the arms and has a crystal clear complexion, but hey, she's almost identical to me!

After getting my cute outfit all set on my new golf goddess, I set forth out to play the Sawgrass course. I rocked it! Not only was it fun but by the end of it, I had totally relaxed and although getting worked up over a few bad shots, I really felt better than I had all day long - which says a lot considering at one point I had mentioned to a co-worker the ease of hari-kari.

You know, if golf weren't so damn expensive, I might actually take it up. Besides, I look really cute in golf shoes.