Surgery is scheduled for March 11th. Operation Girlie-Parts is a go!
I should come out of this with a like-new Uterus.
Minus new car smell.

Girly Surgery

2.18.2008 |

So, I've been having some girlie issues for quite a while. Finally found out what was going on today. I have a polyp in/on my uterus. Unlike in your colon or lower GI track, polyps are somewhat common in younger folks (because I'm young, yall!) and usually aren't thought of as serious unless your in your 60's plus. So, the great news is that there is in fact a reason why I'm having girlie issues, which I won't go into detail here about. You're welcome

Of course, there's a downside.

To remove the polyp I have to basically have an abortion. Minus the whole aborting a baby. But they do preform a D&C, which I'm not looking forward to. However, if it will end the uterus nightmare I've been going through, I'm all for it.

So, we'll schedule the D&C tomorrow and hopefully I can get it scheduled on a Wednesday so I have a good 4 days to recover.

For a Reality Show fanatic, such as myself, this whole writer's strike just isn't affecting me. In fact, its only feeding my reality show addiction.

Last Thursday night, CBS started Survivor: Fans vs Favorites. I can already tell you this much, Johnny Fairplay is played out! Bye Bye Sucka!

Tomorrow night the new season of Big Brother starts and frankly, I can't get enough of it! The real question that lingers, do I subscribe to Big Brother's Live Feed and totally turn into a hermit of voyerism or do I just read the live feed updates on all the spoiler sites.

Decisions. Decisions.

Since 2004 my husband and I have been involved with the March of Dimes. That year we lost a daughter due to premature labor and in 2006 my son was born 7 1/2 weeks premature. During both of those times the March of Dimes gave us some much needed support and through their funding, much needed medical technology to help my son come into this world healthy.

So, take a moment if you will and check out the March of Dimes "March For Babies" events that are going to be coming up in cities near you, all over the US! Get involved! Walk, raise money or just volunteer to help at the event!

Or help my family team reach our goal of $500.00 by donating here:click here

Whatever you do, realize that your help goes directly towards helping families like mine who, without the support and funds of the March of Dimes may not have the joys in their lives, as we do now.