Girly Surgery

2.18.2008 |

So, I've been having some girlie issues for quite a while. Finally found out what was going on today. I have a polyp in/on my uterus. Unlike in your colon or lower GI track, polyps are somewhat common in younger folks (because I'm young, yall!) and usually aren't thought of as serious unless your in your 60's plus. So, the great news is that there is in fact a reason why I'm having girlie issues, which I won't go into detail here about. You're welcome

Of course, there's a downside.

To remove the polyp I have to basically have an abortion. Minus the whole aborting a baby. But they do preform a D&C, which I'm not looking forward to. However, if it will end the uterus nightmare I've been going through, I'm all for it.

So, we'll schedule the D&C tomorrow and hopefully I can get it scheduled on a Wednesday so I have a good 4 days to recover.


Chris said...

I'm sorry to hear that hun. I hope all is well or get better.

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