I'm not as totally un-self-serving, dedicating all of my time towards others, never have time for me, as this may sound. But, there are times when, even though we may have regular little "me times" that we work into our day, we just want to do something really out of the norm and something just totally for... ME! (or YOU! in your case) And we all deserve these times, because without them we just go through the motions of each day and would probably serve better just being a robot. (However, don’t tell my husband this or he’ll cut me off from all of my “fun time” in hopes that I would be assimilated into a subservient machine by which he could program his evil plans into. But that in itself is a whole different issue!)

This all hit me as I was driving to work the other morning, listening to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie," which is not unusual for me because I love her music. I’m sure we all have that artist or song that just brightens the whole day up. The one that when you are driving, or riding to work you can’t help but bounce a little to the beat, or in my case get a full on in-the-seat-dance going on. It makes for an interesting scene, I have many people who look over into my car wondering if they should call a paramedic until they realize that I’m singing along to music, not in an epileptic seizure.

Then it hit me like a Mack truck! (Well, actually I had gotten a little too much into Shakira and almost hit the Mack truck, but I meant tjat more figuratively.) So, I picked up my cell phone and called my husband and screamed, "I AM GOING TO TAKE SALSA LESSONS!”

Um. No honey, I know how to make salsa. I mean the dance. You know, the forbidden dance? Thank you for the buzz kill. Good-bye. Men!

So promptly after settling in at my desk at work, I hit the Internet full force, trying to find a dance studio that offers adult salsa dance lessons, otherwise known as “using my work time productively.” Although I found quite a few places that did dance lessons for kids, I’ve had a difficult time finding a place that does adult dance and salsa. I can find studios that do adult ballet, tap, and jazz, or I can find studios that do kids Latin dance. And although I did equate my dancing skills to that of a kid, I’m pretty sure my rather chunky butt would look mighty funny in a little pink tutu next to the 6-year-olds -- and they would definitely out dance me.

I have yet to find a place to take my spicy, forbidden dance lessons at, and the outlook isn’t so good. But that’s not the point of this. The moral of this story is: Stop rehashing the same old routine that used to be fun and find something that excites you! Even if it only last for a week, or one lesson, try something new, get yourself out of the rut and experiment with something that may make you a little uncomfortable, because every now and again we just need to get our blood flowing!


Chris said...

HOLY CRAP. You listen to Shakira? I love that song and her for that fact. LOL Anyway, my fav music right now is Breaking Benjamin's. Good music always makes the drive more comfy.

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