CBS blows

4.28.2008 |

I have beef to pick with CBS and the producers of Big Brother. I finally got around watching the season finale of Big Brother last night and talk about a waste of DVR space! Seriously, they fit the finale and what they called the reunion all into 1 hour and spent at least 10-15 of that recapping the entire season. We saw the season you morons, we wanted more!

They asked the dumbest questions to the jury, they didn’t even speak with everyone. And as for the reunion, they let 2 of the most boring Big Brother players on earth talk about each other. Seriously, where was Alex or Amanda or Parker in there?
And for the “Jury Prize”, that was such a cop out, they just wanted James to win something so bad they had to rig a prize for him. I know the audience was voting, but I'm sure it was still rigged.

Regardless, this really was such a lackluster finale, I can't even put that in the "finale" category, it was like a boring episode of past recaps and then 2 minutes to announce the winner. Did we even really get to hear Ryan or Adam speak? Nope.

Come on CBS, what a let down.

My New Pet Peeve

4.22.2008 |

Finding a new toilet paper roll sitting on top of the empty toilet paper roll, still on the toilet paper roll holder.

Seriously, how hard is it to take the empty roll off and toss it 3 feet in front of you into the trash can and replace it with the new roll that is sitting right above the toilet? It's not like it's going to take a trek through the Tetons!

Today, I have had to change two rolls of toilet paper in this situation. We only have two bathrooms, my odds aren't good.

So, I have 5 courses plus my senior seminar and senior exam to finally wrap up my bachelors degree. I started going to school in 1996, taking night classes. I stopped shortly after moving to the Upstate in 2000 and received my Associates degree in January of 2003. So, today I contacted my adviser to try and get signed up for a class this summer semester and to figure out which classes I should take to fill my program. He had told me previously that he could reactivate me without changing my program, even though the actual Criminology program has changed since I last attended classes.

Then today he drops the bomb on me. In order for my program not to be changed, I have to take 2 classes per semester and graduate by December of this year. Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely love to graduate by December. But 2 classes per semester? That makes me slightly nervous because it's not like I don't already have a pretty full plate.

So, I emailed him back asking if the program changed, how drastically would effect what I already have done. If it's not significant, I may just say screw it and take 1 class per semester and possibly have to take more classes. I have a 3.75GPA right now and I'm kinda nervous if I overwhelm myself that I may screw that up.
However, if he says it'll really screw me over then.... I'll be busy until December!


Hi, my name is Rosco the Boston Terrier. I can't wait to go home with my Mommy (the most awesome mommy a dog could have) in a few weeks. I'm still not old enough to leave my doggy-mommy yet but I will be soon!
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As a subscriber to Lifehacker, I’ve seen a bazillion articles on “Getting Things Done” and David Allen. For the first 9 gazillion times I saw it, I glanced, I saw a few tips and then I moved on.

Side note: 10 gazillion = 1 bazillion.
This in itself is weird because I’m a huge organizational/productivity buff. But I suppose I look down my nose on those big timers who try to tell me how I can make my life more productive when said big timers don’t know squat about what I do in my life. Well, today I held my nose as I clicked on a few links and realized that I was a super-ginormous idiot for not actually paying more attention to begin with. I must interject here and say that I still don’t like the huge “getting things done” phenomenon (I’m a grass roots/DIY kinda gal), but now at least I can understand why it’s happening. Minus the expensive gadetry that you could find/download/make yourself, there are some very practical theories in there!

If all the mumbo-jumbo of GTD (getting things done) just bores you, at least get this one gem of knowledge from Scott Hanselman's blog who implements some of the GTD type organization.
And if your an junkie as I am, you'll love his blog anyway!

If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, we shall never begin.

- Ivan Turgenev, novelist, poet, playwright

If I had only seen this quote before, I could have associated it with so many things in my life.

4.08.2008 |

Remember the last gas post? This one beats it!

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My cherry blossom tree has really exploded with blossoms over the last week. This is the first year that it's bloomed so beautiful.
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My gas

4.01.2008 |

Highest i have paid in a year.

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