CBS blows

4.28.2008 |

I have beef to pick with CBS and the producers of Big Brother. I finally got around watching the season finale of Big Brother last night and talk about a waste of DVR space! Seriously, they fit the finale and what they called the reunion all into 1 hour and spent at least 10-15 of that recapping the entire season. We saw the season you morons, we wanted more!

They asked the dumbest questions to the jury, they didn’t even speak with everyone. And as for the reunion, they let 2 of the most boring Big Brother players on earth talk about each other. Seriously, where was Alex or Amanda or Parker in there?
And for the “Jury Prize”, that was such a cop out, they just wanted James to win something so bad they had to rig a prize for him. I know the audience was voting, but I'm sure it was still rigged.

Regardless, this really was such a lackluster finale, I can't even put that in the "finale" category, it was like a boring episode of past recaps and then 2 minutes to announce the winner. Did we even really get to hear Ryan or Adam speak? Nope.

Come on CBS, what a let down.


Jody said...

I have tried telling you for years that all that reality show stuff is crap. Now they are just getting lazy with producing it. (As if they could get any lazier)


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