As a subscriber to Lifehacker, I’ve seen a bazillion articles on “Getting Things Done” and David Allen. For the first 9 gazillion times I saw it, I glanced, I saw a few tips and then I moved on.

Side note: 10 gazillion = 1 bazillion.
This in itself is weird because I’m a huge organizational/productivity buff. But I suppose I look down my nose on those big timers who try to tell me how I can make my life more productive when said big timers don’t know squat about what I do in my life. Well, today I held my nose as I clicked on a few links and realized that I was a super-ginormous idiot for not actually paying more attention to begin with. I must interject here and say that I still don’t like the huge “getting things done” phenomenon (I’m a grass roots/DIY kinda gal), but now at least I can understand why it’s happening. Minus the expensive gadetry that you could find/download/make yourself, there are some very practical theories in there!

If all the mumbo-jumbo of GTD (getting things done) just bores you, at least get this one gem of knowledge from Scott Hanselman's blog who implements some of the GTD type organization.
And if your an junkie as I am, you'll love his blog anyway!


Chris said...

Lifehacker is possibly one of the best websites on the planet. They have totally AWESOME articles.... Just awesome. BTW, we are going to get that book that you wanted. :P

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