So, I have 5 courses plus my senior seminar and senior exam to finally wrap up my bachelors degree. I started going to school in 1996, taking night classes. I stopped shortly after moving to the Upstate in 2000 and received my Associates degree in January of 2003. So, today I contacted my adviser to try and get signed up for a class this summer semester and to figure out which classes I should take to fill my program. He had told me previously that he could reactivate me without changing my program, even though the actual Criminology program has changed since I last attended classes.

Then today he drops the bomb on me. In order for my program not to be changed, I have to take 2 classes per semester and graduate by December of this year. Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely love to graduate by December. But 2 classes per semester? That makes me slightly nervous because it's not like I don't already have a pretty full plate.

So, I emailed him back asking if the program changed, how drastically would effect what I already have done. If it's not significant, I may just say screw it and take 1 class per semester and possibly have to take more classes. I have a 3.75GPA right now and I'm kinda nervous if I overwhelm myself that I may screw that up.
However, if he says it'll really screw me over then.... I'll be busy until December!