My New Pet Peeve

4.22.2008 |

Finding a new toilet paper roll sitting on top of the empty toilet paper roll, still on the toilet paper roll holder.

Seriously, how hard is it to take the empty roll off and toss it 3 feet in front of you into the trash can and replace it with the new roll that is sitting right above the toilet? It's not like it's going to take a trek through the Tetons!

Today, I have had to change two rolls of toilet paper in this situation. We only have two bathrooms, my odds aren't good.


Khyle said...

and take away the 30 seconds of excitement in trying to balance it? phsaw.


Barbara B. Nixon said...

Tattooedmommie, you make me laugh. It's as though you were in my house this week. This happens ALL the time around my home.

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