Today at lunch, my co-worker/friend and I decided to visit a cigar shop around the corner from us. I’m a novice at smoking cigars but I’ve always been fascinated by them. I love their smell and the few I’ve smoked have been really relaxing and enjoyable. Except for the one I was smoking while completely wasted at a bar shooting pool. I don’t remember much of that one. But I digress.


We went to C. Edward Cigars which is literally right down the street from where I work. I was a little nervous going in at first because I’m such a novice at cigars and to make matters worse, right when I walked in my e-mail alert went off and it was a pesky person I’d been working with and they were being all snarky to me in e-mail. When you first enter the main area, I didn’t realize what all was to this wonderful downtown building. We walked directly over to their humidor and started nosing around. Shortly the gentleman who works there (which now I have totally forgotten his name) came in and asked if we needed any help. Um, YES! I told him I was looking for a mild cigar and he pointed me in the right direction. He told us all about the cigars they had and answered all of our Cigar 101 questions. Quite hospitable!


On his suggestion I opted for a Montesino. I’m not exactly sure which one I got but I’m thinking it’s the Diplomatico from the sizing. From my understanding it should have good flavor and should be mild and for the price of $4.00, who could beat that! I also picked up a cutter since, well I don’t have one.


When we got done picking out our ‘gars we headed to the cash register which is located behind their little bar. At the bar sat a gentleman who commented on the cigar cutter I had chosen, apparently they have free ones lying on the bar of the same brand and it’s very good. I’m glad I’m picking out good gear already! We found out that this guy is in there every week day on his lunch break and until he gets ran out on the weekends. He was sitting at the bar enjoying a cigar and a coke. At the bar they sell beer and wine and are waiting on their full liquor license. The inside was very comfortable. The bar was small but they had plenty of overstuffed leather chairs everywhere to sit. We got the tour of the joint and found out that on the side room there is a TV room with more overstuffed leather chairs, there’s a coffee bar and then (what really caught my liking) was an outside sitting area that is located in the alleyway out back, however this is no alleyway! It’s very.. urban tropical? There were plants everywhere, tables with umbrellas and wicker chairs in the back to just relax. I can envision myself sitting back there on a summer evening enjoying (hopefully) a good cigar and a glass of wine. Maybe that’s because I can envision the exact same thing on my back deck? Who knows. Anyway, the place looked like it could be really relaxing to go with a few friends for a few drinks and some stogies!


As for my Montesino I’m saving it to enjoy on my backpacking trip coming up in June. I’ll be sure to gush or rant all about it! So those of you who care about cigar reviews from a complete cigar novice, stay tuned!

I just had a moment where I felt like my whole world would come to an end if my pack of Keebler Fudge Shoppe Mini Fudge Stripes didn't get un-stuck inside the vending machine.


That must have been what cause my endorphins to kick in and knock the ever living crap out of the machine until it eventually fell.


Seriously, don't mess with a chick who has a chocolate craving.

GorillaSushi posted this originally and I found it too good to pass up!

Hello Gas Buddy!

5.05.2008 |

I do consider myself technically savvy. I consider myself very internet savvy. However, in light of both of those things I still find myself getting links from people that I have to sit and scratch my head wondering, "Why have I not ever seen this before??"

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Seriously, the whole time I've been clicking pictures away I should have been uploading them to Gas Buddy!