So, I totally fainted at lunch today.
About and hour before that my co-worker and I gave blood on the blood-mobile or whatever it's called. You know, it's the bus that travels from place to place to collect blood. So, it's like a good thing to do and I've given in the past with no problems so we figured, "Hey! Let's donate!". So, I donate and as I'm waiting for my co-worker to get done I'm all normal feeling. No problem-o! We call up a lunch buddy of ours and we all meet up at Burger King on Asheville Highway. Both my co-worker and I were feeling pretty chilly after donating blood, being (as he says) 1-quart low and the bus was highly air conditioned, we didn't really think anything about it. So, I suggest we sit in the outdoor area and eat, the heat was low today and I was really looking to warm up. So, outside we sit.

I make it through lunch and about 10 minutes before we leave I start feeling slightly light headed. At that point the only thing I remember was saying that I felt dizzy and I that I thought I was going to faint. And yup, that's exactly what I did! The next thing I know, I'm hearing strange voices and people are asking me if I'm ok. I felt like I was about to puke and then everything started to become less fuzzy. Some delivery guy who was there got a towel for me and a few orange juices later I was was feeling quite a bit better. Apparently I was looking better because a few people who came to help kept commenting that my color in my face looked a lot better. Still a little wobbly on my feet, we went back to work and on our way back into the building it almost happened again. I think I sat down fast enough to stop it but from that point on I just felt completely light-headed almost for the next hour. A security guard at work who chills out in the tech area a lot noticed that my color was going from my face again as I sat in one of the tech desks and by the time he got me to lay on the floor, everything was going black again. He had my feet up and all of a sudden I felt almost 100%. My co-worker went back up to the blood-mobile and got 2 nurses to come down and my blood pressure checked out okay. Chris came to pick me up and take me home and I've been drained and kind of woozy all afternoon.

I owe a big thanks to my co-worker and our lunch buddy. My co-worker saved me from a broken head (apparently he caught me as I fainted and kept me from falling backwards to the concrete) and our lunch buddy helped get me some drinks and helped me walk back inside.

Here's a tip for anyone giving blood. EAT BREAKFAST! I realized after the fact that I hadn't eaten breakfast before donating. You'll save yourself major drama in the BK if you do!


Chris said...

Well, Like I told you. You are a friend and I'm very glad that you're alright.

PacketRat said...

well not to mention you only way a 10 pounds.. :p

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