For the first time in Nikk's life, he peed in the potty! Like literally 10 minutes ago! 9:05 on Thursday June 19th, 2008

He said something itched in his diaper so when I took it off to check, he ran away. He does that a lot, no biggie, but when Chris told him he had to put a diaper on because he'd pee pee on the carpet, he said pee pee, and ran to the bathroom. Chris went in and sat him on his potty seat, expecting the usual 2 seconds of nothing and then he says "all done! wash hands!", but this time, he peed!

I ran over when Chris started saying "YEAH! PEE PEE IN THE POTTY!" and I was so excited to see him peeing....... I practically fainted again. I fell back into the door and caught myself on my ass (good thing I have some cushion back there!)

So yeah.. pee pee in the potty! Woohoo!
(I won't get too excited as I'm sure it'll be awhile before he does it again)


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