I think I’m finally hitting my online social media limit. It’s totally affected my quality of blogs and the frequency in which I post.
First it was Myspace, which, I rarely log onto anymore but keep around because I have a bunch of old high school buddies as friends on it and I would hate to lose complete contact with them again.
Then there is Facebook, on which, again I have some high school friends. However, I haven’t logged onto Facebook in forever and killing this account really wouldn’t hurt my feelings.
More to my current liking is Twitter. I use it frequently (or as frequently as I can remember) and some of it’s sister-social-media-sites like Twitterfone and Brightkite. Brightkite I’m liking a lot but it’s not so much a social-media sight but more of a tracker. Which none of my friends use so unless I’m really excited about where my Twitterfriends are, it’s of little to no use for me.
In addition to that, I have this blog and my personal journal. These are the two main things that have been taking a hit from my expanded online-social media expansion. So, I think I’m going to really knock it down a level. I’ll continue to update Twitter regularly, Myspace frequently and the rest will just take a backseat.

What can I say, I’m an online-social-butterfly!