It is a beautiful morning. Not literally, as it's pretty foggy outside and there's a chance of rain, but any day that you can sleep in until 8a.m. in this house - it's a beautiful morning!
Coffee is brewing and if it weren't for being congested (sinus infection I think), it would be perfect.

This afternoon I'm going to be making a quick run down to Columbia to visit my mom. I haven't really posted about it in here yet because I was really hoping to post more about the outcome, but then I started thinking to myself that it might be a good idea to post about the process as well. Last Tuesday my mother checked into Three Rivers Behavioral Health for her alcoholism. I've talked to her on the phone once and even though it's extremely difficult for her, she's still staying very positive and has a great outlook for her to come out and continue not drinking. She's just getting out of the detox stage right now which was rough - terrible headaches and pretty high blood pressure. The blood pressure things scares her to no end because of her stroke she had. But she's doing well physically and mentally. We'll see. I still am hesitant to get my hopes up too high as there is just so much temptation when she gets home, my uncle, my brother and just the habit of drinking for 30+ years. But I'm still extremely happy that she's even come to the point where she's admitted to having a drinking problem let alone taking action to help herself for it.

So, I'll make the trek down to visit for a an hour after the hubby gets done with football, I think she needs that support.

I'd like to say thank you to all friends who sent me wonderful emails asking me not to die, honestly at one point, that was an actual goal of mine (or at least the threat of death felt real enough that I thought maybe I should be concerned). But, I beat it, whatever it was. When I returned to my doctor's office on Friday he said something that I'm glad he said, "you aren't supposed to get worse after seeing me, so apparently I didn't do my job well enough" to which I could only reply, "hey, you said it, not me!" But we both determined that I probably came in a little early too as my symptoms when I first came in was no indication that I was going to blow up into full blown tonsillitis and double ear infection which only led me to coughing dry coughs until I tore a chunk (ok, ok, really small, but it felt huge) of my throat which I coughed up one night and going through a near coma with fevers as high as 105 degrees.

So, I got 4 shots in the hips. People usually say butt, but these were no where near my butt, That 2nd shot was a bitch! While pregnant I had to get steroid shots for Nikk when I was in pre-term labor and I remember equating it to having peanut butter trying to go through my skin. Well, it was pretty much like that all over again. But, the shots helped and I feel totally apart of the human race again, so I really won't complain too much.

But since the whole sick thing took me out of commission for almost a full week I'm having to play a lot of catch up with work and school. I finished up my research paper for my criminology class yesterday, I'll probably do a few finishing touches throughout the week and then turn it in next week before finals. And, I've found a little motivator for potty training Nikk with stickers, so he's gone twice just this morning. Although, at the moment while I'm typing this he's throwing a small temper tantrum because I won't give him the entire book of stickers.

So, time to get off this computer and get moving....

So, yesterday I went to my doctor to find out that I had, well, the unknown. The first night of my fun sounded like the bug that was going around lately but he wasn't sure why I was still running a fever or why my throat feels like barbed wire coated in sandpaper. Of course, with any symptom like that his first thought was strep. He didn't test, but only because when he took a peak (which I'm sure wasn't pretty), it didn't look like strep. However, today, I'm starting to think maybe I should have pushed for a swap test.

Anyway, last night about 9:30ish I started to feel better, my fever broke and I got to sweat for the first time in a few days, which compared to feeling like an internal inferno was really nice. I was planning to go back to work and all this morning when....

I woke up.

Yeah, fever like all get out. This whole sick thing has really taken away from a few great things this week, such as I bought my first firearm and Nikk moved up to 2k in his daycare/preschool!

I will most definitely talk about these things later, but for now I want to drink my orange juice (i love the flavor but its' shredding my throat) and I must sleep.

By the way, not gotten any homework done this week, 2 papers due within the month. 3 projects in progress at work and my manager is out for vacation this week leaving our office empty, oh-my-god can I just get a little more stressed, please?