So, yesterday I went to my doctor to find out that I had, well, the unknown. The first night of my fun sounded like the bug that was going around lately but he wasn't sure why I was still running a fever or why my throat feels like barbed wire coated in sandpaper. Of course, with any symptom like that his first thought was strep. He didn't test, but only because when he took a peak (which I'm sure wasn't pretty), it didn't look like strep. However, today, I'm starting to think maybe I should have pushed for a swap test.

Anyway, last night about 9:30ish I started to feel better, my fever broke and I got to sweat for the first time in a few days, which compared to feeling like an internal inferno was really nice. I was planning to go back to work and all this morning when....

I woke up.

Yeah, fever like all get out. This whole sick thing has really taken away from a few great things this week, such as I bought my first firearm and Nikk moved up to 2k in his daycare/preschool!

I will most definitely talk about these things later, but for now I want to drink my orange juice (i love the flavor but its' shredding my throat) and I must sleep.

By the way, not gotten any homework done this week, 2 papers due within the month. 3 projects in progress at work and my manager is out for vacation this week leaving our office empty, oh-my-god can I just get a little more stressed, please?