It is a beautiful morning. Not literally, as it's pretty foggy outside and there's a chance of rain, but any day that you can sleep in until 8a.m. in this house - it's a beautiful morning!
Coffee is brewing and if it weren't for being congested (sinus infection I think), it would be perfect.

This afternoon I'm going to be making a quick run down to Columbia to visit my mom. I haven't really posted about it in here yet because I was really hoping to post more about the outcome, but then I started thinking to myself that it might be a good idea to post about the process as well. Last Tuesday my mother checked into Three Rivers Behavioral Health for her alcoholism. I've talked to her on the phone once and even though it's extremely difficult for her, she's still staying very positive and has a great outlook for her to come out and continue not drinking. She's just getting out of the detox stage right now which was rough - terrible headaches and pretty high blood pressure. The blood pressure things scares her to no end because of her stroke she had. But she's doing well physically and mentally. We'll see. I still am hesitant to get my hopes up too high as there is just so much temptation when she gets home, my uncle, my brother and just the habit of drinking for 30+ years. But I'm still extremely happy that she's even come to the point where she's admitted to having a drinking problem let alone taking action to help herself for it.

So, I'll make the trek down to visit for a an hour after the hubby gets done with football, I think she needs that support.


debbiegirl123 said...

Some Days Positive Is In and

Some Days Shit-Asstic Is In !

Or as you said on Twitter,

"Crap-tastic day"! lol


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