As apparently, I am not qualified to give it out. For me to even be remotely qualified I would need to be at least somewhat healthy, which my doctor’s appointment this past Thursday proved that I am far from healthy. In fact, I think I can safely say that I’m quite unhealthy right now. Cholesterol is extremely high, and I’m not talking about the good kind. My thyroid is all screwy, which is strange as I’ve been on the same thyroid medication for 8 years now and have never had a problem. And apparently, I’m anemic as well.

I know I’m an over-achiever, if I’m going to be unhealthy, I might as well be really unhealthy, right?

Ok Ok.. time to change, I know. Somehow between work, school and kid, I will figure out a way.

I'm a little ashamed. There's a lot that I've been neglecting, only because I've picked up so many new hobbies, and I don't mean getting tetanus shots, although I did do that just yesterday.

Shooting my gun has become a huge thing for me. Seriously, it is the best stress reliever I've found in quite a while. Besides the fact that mentally I can picture anyone I want down at that target and mentally murder for hours on end, it really does require so much concentration that it allows my mind to slow down. Which, for me is a huge thing. My mind is is overdrive all the time hence my usual garbled blog posts and random tweets about 20 different subjects at once.

I've neglected my kayaking. My boat didn't touch water once this summer and in fact the official start of Autumn is only a month away. I've neglected my photos, which I've always neglected, so strike that off the list. I've neglected my real writing, like on Work it, Mom! and Associated Content, which is a big downer for me because I don't always like to write random musings. I've neglected hiking, although frankly I'm waiting for fall to do more of that, so that's not neglectful, it's just postponed.

Most of all I've neglected myself. I have worked out only once this week and that was the first time in months (yes, plural).

I'm going to chalk all of this neglect up to one thing. College.

See kids. College should be done in 4 years when your young and can drink heavily and still manage to make 9am classes, not when you are in your 30's and have a child. So, this is my public service announcement to stay in school.

RocketDock Review

8.18.2008 |

I tried to make my desktop a little more cool and at little more fun by installing RocketDock. It is by far very cool and very fun. However, for me it was just not a very useful tool. I though it would be fun to watch basically what is a fancy quick launch toolbar scroll through and bounce icons as I hover over them. And it was! However, where it lost me at was when trying to launch other applications while having windows maximized and realizing that I had to move my window to access the RocketDock to launch my new application.
Maybe I’m missing something but my quick launch toolbar does exactly what I need it to, sans the pretty animation, but I can access it with ease at any given time. Sorry RocketDock, maybe if it could be integrated within my windows taskbar then it may serve my purposes a little more.

I’ve been debating on whether or not to discuss politics on this blog because it usually does two things (for certain), draws lines and pisses someone off.

I’m very interested in politics and it really is a big part of my thoughts. However, I rarely discuss any of my political views online and save those discussions for in-person talks. Besides, it’s so much more fun to talk politics in person because usually you can hear thoughts unfiltered and react immediately, disagreements still occur and sometimes it gets pretty heated but I’ve never walked away from an in-person-political-discussion pissed.

On the Internet, pretty much every time politics come up I get annoyed. Not so much because people may not agree with me (yes, it’s known to happen once or twice) and not because I may not have a logical reason for believing the way I believe (yes, this has happened too). But more so, I get really pissed off with political discussions on the Internet because, well, it’s the Internet! People tend to really push and shove a lot more on the Internet than they do in real life. Being an Internet-bully is incredibly easy, if you think about it. What are the repercussions of being an asshat on the Internet? I could fill another post completely about Internet bullies, which is what I’ll do since this was supposed to be generally geared towards the topic of politics and the Internet and why I don’t get into it.

I know quite a few people who will argue, “the Internet is a great place to express your opinion” and I completely agree! I mean seriously, it’s the best venue in the world for it, and the easiest for that matter. And because *I* choose not to have a discussion or more realistically an argument about politics with people on the Internet, I am by no means telling anyone else not to discuss. Hell, please do in-fact, as I love watching the virtual tennis match of political banter flying back and forth. Some of my favorite blogs to read are more political in nature.

So, for those of you who look to have heated discussions online with friends or foes regarding their political opinions, go for it! Please invite me to be a spectator of your battle of wits and facts! Those of you who wish to know where I stand on issues, I’m more than happy to answer. If you want to debate, invite me out for some coffee or wine (oh, maybe wine isn’t the best idea, I tend to want to talk about anything but politics over wine).

So, in short. Do I post about politics. Sure, sometimes. Do I discuss politics. Yes, I love a good discussion. Do I argue politics. Yes. Just never online, I've found over the years that it's a waste of time.

I'm planning a fun weekend for myself. This Saturday is a UFC fight so while the guys watch, I'll be cooking up some homemade kahlua

This idea came after talking to my SQL instructor about his hobby of infusing alcohol (such as cherry brandy, and fruit flavored vodka) and I decided that I'd love to try some myself. But before I got into actually infusing anything, I loved his idea of homemade kahlua or irish cream.

I've found a few recipes for homemade kahlua, there are two that I'm going to try this weekend (see the link above). I'm trying both because they are different enough that I think the taste will differ quite a bit and I'm not sure which I'll like more. But, since both need to "age" for 30 days, it will be a little bit before I can have my official "taste off" and post the results.

This should be fun and interesting to say the least, and according to my instructor, once you drink homemade kahlua, you'll never buy it again.

No names will be mentioned to protect the not-so-innocent.

One of the first rules of working in a professional environment is to, say it together now, present yourself in a professional manner. This is a wonderful little tad-bit of advice coming from someone who is currently sitting at her desk in jeans and flip-flops. I am legit though, as its Friday and casual gets taken to the extreme where I work. But I digress.

The meaning of presenting yourself in a professional manner is rather vague because it really could mean anything from adorning a full suit to basically tucking your shirt in. However, there are a few items that I think should never, ever, ever be forgotten when discussing professional presentation.

For example, let’s just take a whiff of this topic shall we? Personal hygiene. And, I’m not talking about how well you style your hair or how white your teeth are, I’m talking the bare basics people. Like how you smell and how far of a radius your smell extends if you do have one. Because if you have the choice to greet someone with a smell or a handshake, I suggest you go with the latter.

Now, I’m all you lovely readers out there in reader land (read as: all one of you, yes, that one would be me), are asking yourself, is she talking about body odor or one such as someone who got a little crazy with the latest Bath & Body Works selection. I’m talking about straight up body odor. Typically, the smell that most don’t get unless they are involved in hard labor or if they just refuse to step into the shower. The first excuse being acceptable for a short period of time, the second never. Especially since in the department I work in, hard labor is not a factor.

Let’s make this very easy. If any of these sound remotely familiar, just hop your stank butt in the shower anyway just to be safe.

  • If someone in the general vicinity asks, “what’s that smell”, please take note and shower.
  • If someone walks into your office and their first reaction is to stand up straight and rub their nose, take notice, it may mean your need to shower.
  • If others in your office start randomly spraying air freshener, think about a shower.
  • If others in your office start directly spraying air freshener (at you), do a little more than just think about a shower.
  • If there has been any second of the day that you have thought you could possibly smell funky, just take the dive and jump in the shower.

Seriously, there’s nothing more unprofessional than having an odor greet your coworkers. With a little effort this would not be an issue what so ever. What you do (or don’t do) on your own time is your own business, but please, when you work in any office environment (especially those lacking adequate ventilation systems) please do us all a favor and at least shower once in a while!

There are a lot of great organizations supporting our Military, however there is one that stands out whenever I start feeling patriotic and frankly, they deserve a little of my blogtime (so that I’m not ranting on gun safety and my wardobe).

eMOM or eMail Our Military allows civilians to show their support to their troops by sending emails to the troops. Because frankly, these guys deserve some encouraging words from us here State side. I first heard about eMom on twitter and have been watching the tweets fly about them and what they are doing. Amazing stuff. Before you ask, no I haven’t been involved with eMom – I just really respect what they are doing .
So, if you get a chance, fellow ‘netters, take a second to visit their webpage and if your feeling frisky how about register and send a solider some caring words?
By the way did I mention you can get to their page by going to ? Now.. go!!