I’ve been debating on whether or not to discuss politics on this blog because it usually does two things (for certain), draws lines and pisses someone off.

I’m very interested in politics and it really is a big part of my thoughts. However, I rarely discuss any of my political views online and save those discussions for in-person talks. Besides, it’s so much more fun to talk politics in person because usually you can hear thoughts unfiltered and react immediately, disagreements still occur and sometimes it gets pretty heated but I’ve never walked away from an in-person-political-discussion pissed.

On the Internet, pretty much every time politics come up I get annoyed. Not so much because people may not agree with me (yes, it’s known to happen once or twice) and not because I may not have a logical reason for believing the way I believe (yes, this has happened too). But more so, I get really pissed off with political discussions on the Internet because, well, it’s the Internet! People tend to really push and shove a lot more on the Internet than they do in real life. Being an Internet-bully is incredibly easy, if you think about it. What are the repercussions of being an asshat on the Internet? I could fill another post completely about Internet bullies, which is what I’ll do since this was supposed to be generally geared towards the topic of politics and the Internet and why I don’t get into it.

I know quite a few people who will argue, “the Internet is a great place to express your opinion” and I completely agree! I mean seriously, it’s the best venue in the world for it, and the easiest for that matter. And because *I* choose not to have a discussion or more realistically an argument about politics with people on the Internet, I am by no means telling anyone else not to discuss. Hell, please do in-fact, as I love watching the virtual tennis match of political banter flying back and forth. Some of my favorite blogs to read are more political in nature.

So, for those of you who look to have heated discussions online with friends or foes regarding their political opinions, go for it! Please invite me to be a spectator of your battle of wits and facts! Those of you who wish to know where I stand on issues, I’m more than happy to answer. If you want to debate, invite me out for some coffee or wine (oh, maybe wine isn’t the best idea, I tend to want to talk about anything but politics over wine).

So, in short. Do I post about politics. Sure, sometimes. Do I discuss politics. Yes, I love a good discussion. Do I argue politics. Yes. Just never online, I've found over the years that it's a waste of time.