RocketDock Review

8.18.2008 |

I tried to make my desktop a little more cool and at little more fun by installing RocketDock. It is by far very cool and very fun. However, for me it was just not a very useful tool. I though it would be fun to watch basically what is a fancy quick launch toolbar scroll through and bounce icons as I hover over them. And it was! However, where it lost me at was when trying to launch other applications while having windows maximized and realizing that I had to move my window to access the RocketDock to launch my new application.
Maybe I’m missing something but my quick launch toolbar does exactly what I need it to, sans the pretty animation, but I can access it with ease at any given time. Sorry RocketDock, maybe if it could be integrated within my windows taskbar then it may serve my purposes a little more.


Mark Salinas said...

Thanks for the review! :)

PCLicious Video Tutorials said...

Great review, I agree RocketDock is the best!

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