There are a lot of great organizations supporting our Military, however there is one that stands out whenever I start feeling patriotic and frankly, they deserve a little of my blogtime (so that I’m not ranting on gun safety and my wardobe).

eMOM or eMail Our Military allows civilians to show their support to their troops by sending emails to the troops. Because frankly, these guys deserve some encouraging words from us here State side. I first heard about eMom on twitter and have been watching the tweets fly about them and what they are doing. Amazing stuff. Before you ask, no I haven’t been involved with eMom – I just really respect what they are doing .
So, if you get a chance, fellow ‘netters, take a second to visit their webpage and if your feeling frisky how about register and send a solider some caring words?
By the way did I mention you can get to their page by going to ? Now.. go!!


Trish | eMailOurMilitary said...

Thanks for the kinds words! We can't do it without great folks like you. Please know that our troops really do appreciate it.

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