I'm planning a fun weekend for myself. This Saturday is a UFC fight so while the guys watch, I'll be cooking up some homemade kahlua

This idea came after talking to my SQL instructor about his hobby of infusing alcohol (such as cherry brandy, and fruit flavored vodka) and I decided that I'd love to try some myself. But before I got into actually infusing anything, I loved his idea of homemade kahlua or irish cream.

I've found a few recipes for homemade kahlua, there are two that I'm going to try this weekend (see the link above). I'm trying both because they are different enough that I think the taste will differ quite a bit and I'm not sure which I'll like more. But, since both need to "age" for 30 days, it will be a little bit before I can have my official "taste off" and post the results.

This should be fun and interesting to say the least, and according to my instructor, once you drink homemade kahlua, you'll never buy it again.