Ok, I'm sorry Buck, I know you hear those all the time, but I couldn't resist (once again). And for those of you who don't know Buck, he's got a great blog and is mucho fun to follow on Twitter!

Plus, after making this blog post he gave me the idea of making my own "99 Things To Do Before I Die"! I also have to give him credit, I've stolen a few of his things. And after reading his 99 Things, I'm pretty impressed because I've done a few things off his list and it made me feel all cool, like "wow, I did something that someone else wants to do"... other than, you know, pay my car payment on time and not show up to the first day of class in nothing but underwear.

But I digress.

So, I've started my list and actually it's a little more difficult than I thought. I mean, it's easy to randomly say at some spontaneous moment, "Hey! I want to do this before I die!" and then it's said, and it's on your imaginary list, but to actually remember those things and now put them on paper.. yeah, not so easy.

So, let's see. I've been thinking this over for about 15 minutes now, I've stolen 3 "things" from Buck and now I'm on... 6.

This might take a while.


Want to get one? Go to Handbag Planet and register!

Next to shoes, what else could I want.. for free! Besides, laser hair removal, teeth whitening and maybe some lipo.. but still!!

Down with housework (and it's side effects)Me + Housework = needs shower and makeup like STAT!

For some women, when they hear that it's football season, you get a massive groan in reply. I am definitely not one of those women. Football is the only sport I watch on a regular basis and I welcome fall, not only for the cooling weather and the beautiful change of the leaves, but for the pig skin, baby!

Funny little tidbit, related to football, in case your interested. The South is big on their SEC (South Eastern Conference) football. It's like a natural as grits, biscuits and fatback. Well, for those of you who are University of South Carolina followers, such as myself, you should know who Blake Mitchell is, right? Come, on! You know, right? He's a quarterback for the USC Gamecocks. I should say, he was a quarterback, until 2007.

Ok Ok, I'm getting to the point already!

My husband runs a flag football league (you know, the football leagues that old, has beens join and talk trash like they are right out of high school?) I love his league, it's so much fun and they have some really great guys. Well, one team captain, referred to as Hoops has turned in his roster and has boasted that his quarterback for this fall season (starting Sunday!) will be, none other than, Blake-effin'-Mitchell!

The irony to that is that Hoops himself is a huge Clemson Tigers fan. Hello rival!

Ok, back on topic here. Now. I love my football. I love my SEC. As do most, respectable Southern women, should (at least that's what my husband keeps trying to convince me of). But for those of you who find the sport boring or brutal, I'll give you one hint that will make the game much more appealing if you haven't already figured this out.

Men in tight pants, bending over every 20 seconds or so. Seriously. You'll want to watch now.

You're welcome.

I keep trying to blog about everything else, but the obvious, you know the election, the Wall Street crash, the federal reserve? Even just the topic of politics in general. But I can’t hold back any longer. And, I think that’s why some of my friends like me, I speak my mind.

First, the election, like most people I’m not happy with the candidates that we currently have to choose from. I’ve previously voted both Democrat and Republican and every time I’ve been mostly dissatisfied with my vote because regardless of who I voted for, I always had complaints and it seems the issues that I hold near and dear were never touched. So, once again I’ll vote for someone I’m not overly happy with but it will once again be either a Democrat or a Republican because, if I can speak candidly, voting for third party candidates doesn’t do crap. Now, it would if one of those third party people were more widely supported, and how I wish that were the case this year! Frankly, I would love to still vote Ron Paul, but alas, he withdrew so he won’t even be on the ballot. Maybe I should take reversevampyr’s idea and vote Cthulhu!

Enough on the election, I’ve talked about it more in that one paragraph alone than I have since JOBAMA and McPalin made their debuts. Which by the way, I did a search on twitter search and the moniker JOBAMA has been used quite a bit and I didn’t see the actual originator of the name listed on there, the ever awesome @Paisano! That’s probably why he’s not on the blasted search. The originators of all things cool never get props!

Moving on, let’s talk about this AIG bailout, as the news is calling it. The first question that popped into my head (which I find now has been repeated on the news) is, “Wow, I wonder if the Enron guys are pissed?” Sure they are! How come they didn’t get bailed out? And frankly, I’m a little pissed that my tax dollars are going to fund some company that just basically didn’t know how to practice good business. I love how the blame is going back and forth from the Democrat Congress and the Bush Administration – it’s always the fault of the other! You know, the real issue here comes down to two things: no accountability and judgment calls. Judgment calls come into play by those who decide to bail one company out and not others. There’s a ton of insider information that we as average citizens are not privy too, and that’s fine. But when tax payer dollars are used to do this, then all that insider information should be transparent to the people who are funding it, not the government, not the Feds and not Congress. It should be transparent to you and to me, it’s our wallets that are buying these companies out and have you ever looked at who AIG really is? Do a little research on them (maybe I’ll save that for another political rant in the future), it’s a little scary. So, now we have Wall Street panicking, the Dow dropping and businesses totally freaking out. No wonder people are nervous all the time!

See? This is exactly why I don’t talk about this stuff all the time. Here I am, ten minutes into a post and I’m already getting worked up. Pulse is racing, mind is going into overdrive!

Here’s the deal, at least in my eyes. There are so many things that the average person cannot control. There are so many things that the average person should not control! Let’s focus on the ones we can and start making small differences every day until we can influence the big ones. And in the meantime, try not to get your blood pressure skyrocketing over the small stuff and save it for when you really need to, it’s just not healthy.

Now you all know the answer to the question of "Why I watch Reality TV", because seriously it's not quite as real as anything else going on!

My typical weekend morning routines consists of spending 15 minutes trying to get my son into his chair to eat his “cerealmilk” and get the Doodlebops on so I can pop open the laptop and pour my coffee without dropping or wearing either.

Then RSS feed time.

Of course, the dominating stories in all my feeds are the US Presidential campaigns and even the celebrity-gossip-rags are getting involved, which makes me sad since I usually go to them for my escape (that is, when there isn’t any quality reality shows on, like My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, but we’ll talk about that another time).

I’ve posted before about my policy on politics on the Internet, so I’ll spare you. But one thing that has interested me lately is watching all the buzz on the Internet about both sides of the parties. I’ve seen supporters of JoBama (thanks @Paisano for that beautiful piece of name fun) and supporters of McPalin (yeah baby, that’s all me!) and the funny thing about both sides of the party and their supporters? They are all slinging the same mud.

*Insert candidate or party name here* isn’t in touch with real Americans!
*Insert candidate or party name here* throws the punches and then plays victims when it’s against them!
*Insert candidate or party name here* doesn’t have the moral fortitude to do the job!

Whatever the slams, they come from both sides and guess what.. none of them have substance? How about talk about specific policies and discuss facts? Or even just an opinion based on facts instead of just general observations that seriously could be applied to almost anyone that is running right now.

Geez, they’ve just announced their running mates and I’m already sick of it. That’s not a good sign for me politically, I’m usually much more perky and acidic right now! I feel a political burnout is coming on quickly this year.