For some women, when they hear that it's football season, you get a massive groan in reply. I am definitely not one of those women. Football is the only sport I watch on a regular basis and I welcome fall, not only for the cooling weather and the beautiful change of the leaves, but for the pig skin, baby!

Funny little tidbit, related to football, in case your interested. The South is big on their SEC (South Eastern Conference) football. It's like a natural as grits, biscuits and fatback. Well, for those of you who are University of South Carolina followers, such as myself, you should know who Blake Mitchell is, right? Come, on! You know, right? He's a quarterback for the USC Gamecocks. I should say, he was a quarterback, until 2007.

Ok Ok, I'm getting to the point already!

My husband runs a flag football league (you know, the football leagues that old, has beens join and talk trash like they are right out of high school?) I love his league, it's so much fun and they have some really great guys. Well, one team captain, referred to as Hoops has turned in his roster and has boasted that his quarterback for this fall season (starting Sunday!) will be, none other than, Blake-effin'-Mitchell!

The irony to that is that Hoops himself is a huge Clemson Tigers fan. Hello rival!

Ok, back on topic here. Now. I love my football. I love my SEC. As do most, respectable Southern women, should (at least that's what my husband keeps trying to convince me of). But for those of you who find the sport boring or brutal, I'll give you one hint that will make the game much more appealing if you haven't already figured this out.

Men in tight pants, bending over every 20 seconds or so. Seriously. You'll want to watch now.

You're welcome.