My typical weekend morning routines consists of spending 15 minutes trying to get my son into his chair to eat his “cerealmilk” and get the Doodlebops on so I can pop open the laptop and pour my coffee without dropping or wearing either.

Then RSS feed time.

Of course, the dominating stories in all my feeds are the US Presidential campaigns and even the celebrity-gossip-rags are getting involved, which makes me sad since I usually go to them for my escape (that is, when there isn’t any quality reality shows on, like My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, but we’ll talk about that another time).

I’ve posted before about my policy on politics on the Internet, so I’ll spare you. But one thing that has interested me lately is watching all the buzz on the Internet about both sides of the parties. I’ve seen supporters of JoBama (thanks @Paisano for that beautiful piece of name fun) and supporters of McPalin (yeah baby, that’s all me!) and the funny thing about both sides of the party and their supporters? They are all slinging the same mud.

*Insert candidate or party name here* isn’t in touch with real Americans!
*Insert candidate or party name here* throws the punches and then plays victims when it’s against them!
*Insert candidate or party name here* doesn’t have the moral fortitude to do the job!

Whatever the slams, they come from both sides and guess what.. none of them have substance? How about talk about specific policies and discuss facts? Or even just an opinion based on facts instead of just general observations that seriously could be applied to almost anyone that is running right now.

Geez, they’ve just announced their running mates and I’m already sick of it. That’s not a good sign for me politically, I’m usually much more perky and acidic right now! I feel a political burnout is coming on quickly this year.


Paisano said...

Ha ha. love it. Glad you liked JoBama. It hasn't caught on like I thought it would, not yet anyway. Someone registered the domain so maybe soon it will.

Agree about the mudslinging and all that. I also think WAY too much time and effort has been spent on the VP candidates and not on the two men running for President! I even tweeted about that yesterday. We need to keep our eyes on the prize and not lose focus on the real deal. These are diversionary tactics that are working big time. Smokescreen city.

Don't get me wrong, the VP position is important and should count when it comes time to casting our vote, but it is NOT as monumental as it's become. We need to concentrate on the two potential presidents much more than their sidekicks.

For the record, I love Phalin and Obama. Now THAT would be a great ticket...either order too. ;)

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