I tweet from Heather over at Home Made Mom that I've been tagged! I typically don't do blog meme's but I'm feeling a little slow this morning and this one seems fun =)

So here are the rules:
Share 7 Random things about yourself. This should be easy....
1. I have a 1/2 sleeve of butterfly and Tiger Lillie tattoos
2. I had a short stint in Roller Derby, I was Roxie Moxie
3. I never wear blush, unless someone else applies it
4. I have terrible TMJ and my biggest fear is having my jaw lock open in some random, public place
5. My family has been a March of Dimes Ambassador Family 2 years in a row
6. I played the flute in school but I always secretly wanted to play the drums
7. I think I'm and artsy-fartsy type trapped in a programmer's body.

Now, to Tag!
1. Mushi I'm Famous In My Own Mind
2. Ogres are like Onions
3. Backpacking Dad
4. Buck Rogers
5. The World According To Chris
6. Snappy Mom
7. Insane Mama

That was fun! And I'll apologize in advance for those of you that I tagged that don't do this kind of thing LOL!


Heather B said...

Thanks! I've never been asked to do one before, kinda cool learning new and random things about others.

Insane Mama said...

I'll get on it!

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