I am a huge supporter of "the little guy", and those that go out to make their own businesses for the right reasons. What are those reasons? To make great products. To give great customer service. To love what you are doing it, why you are doing it and who you are doing it for.

So, with that said, I want to take a moment to share something I just recently found that I actually have fallen in love with! Last Saturday, I went downtown Greenville and found that their Main Street fresh market was going on. I had stopped by the ATM because I realized I had no cash for the parking lot but I really had no intention on buying anything. I browsed through the booths, nothing really catching my eye and I was almost to the end of the row and getting ready to turn back down the street to head to the hair salon when something grabbed my attention!

It was beautifully colored soap, homemade soap. So, I wandered over, not expecting to really like anything because I'm usually let down by pretty soap. It looks pretty but usually doesn't smell all that great. I see a label for "Mint Chocolate" and I pick up the colorful bar and give it a whiff..

Ohmygod, I could just sink my teeth right into this bar of soap and have no regrets! Although, I'm really glad I didn't because I'm positive that no matter how good this bar smelled, it was in no way going to taste good.

The rest of the soap collection was just as heavenly. The girl behind the booth had a pamphlet telling about her soap and the ingredients. That's when I officially found Peace, Love & Soap.

If you are like me, your not going to use this type of soap everyday, although God knows I could! But her soaps are great, they are beautiful and they smell like a fresh piece of deliciousness! And to top it off, you know your supporting handmade, local made, small business!

Check out her blog! All my local folks, check her out at the Market in Greenville on Saturday mornings! You will not be disappointed!


Patrick said...

Thanks for pointing me to this person's blog and give good buzz to their product. I'm really big about encouraging our customers to take advantage of blogging for business purposes. I love it when business people "get it" Hopefully she will get a dedicated domain for her product. Love the use of photos as well. I'll be showing this to my clients as a good example of blogging for business, especially on the local and small business level.

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