I talked earlier about the geo-challenge that was presented to me and how I just couldn’t turn it down. So, even though I was on vacation at the time, I managed (last minute, nonetheless) got my Peace Luv and Travel Bug out on the road. I really didn’t prepare well, as I was planning to take some time while at the beach to get the perfect cache to drop it in and to come up with some snarky, sassy theme for my bug and then talk mad trash about everyone else on their blogs after dropping it off!

Well, as you can tell by my bug and my lack of trash talking, that all of the above just didn’t happen.

Here is what did happen. I ended up running last minute to the store to find something (anything!) to attach to my bug, running crazy to find a non-micro cache to stash it in and then practically threatening murder to get some time to actually get to the cache!

So, my start hasn’t been all that great, but I’m sure this is a perfect beginning for my little hippie bug (as it’s been called by ) to pull in some serious mileage and kick all those other bugs out of the race!